The Central Bureau is responsible for the executive management of the IGS following policies set by the IGS International Governing Board. Coordination of the IGS Network, management of the Central Bureau Information System and IGS website, and IGS outreach activities are also carried out by the Central Bureau. See More Information

    Allison Craddock (JPL), Central Bureau Director and Secretariat
    Mayra I. Oyola (JPL), Central Bureau Deputy Director
    Robert Khachikyan (Raytheon), Central Bureau Information Systems Engineer
    David Maggert (UNAVCO), IGS Network Coordinator
    David Stowers (JPL), CBIS Advisor
    Michael Connally (JPL), Central Bureau Accounts Manager

    IGS Central Bureau
    c/o Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Mail Stop 238-600
    4800 Oak Grove Drive
    PASADENA, CA 91109 USA
    Tel. +1.818.354.4260
    Contact Us

Please include the IGS logo and citation in all websites, presentations, publications, or posters that use IGS data, products, or services. IGS is a service of IAG.