This section contains information about the production and quality of the IGS products maintained by the Analysis Center Coordinator.  Figures and tables summarizing the results from the IGS product combinations are included for use by IGS Analysis Centers and other GNSS specialists.

The tables and figures for the Final products are updated weekly. Other pages are updated shortly after the corresponding combinations. The figures show the results of the past 60 weeks except for the "Final (ALL)" plots which show the results of the IGS orbit combinations since their beginning in late 1993.

The IGS Analysis Center Coordinator (ACC) has overall responsibility for generating the main official IGS combined products.

Certain IGS product combination tasks are shared. For the Final products, those components involving the terrestrial reference frame, including the Earth rotation parameters, are produced by a combination of SINEX file submissions, work done at Natural Resources Canada in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, through January 2010 and done since that time at Institut Géographique National in Paris, France. The internally realized timescales of the IGS, formed by a weighted ensemble of the frequency standards available in the IGS clock products, are maintained by the Naval Research Laboratory, Space Applications Branch, in Washington, DC, USA. Such high-stability timescales are supported for the IGS Rapid and Final products.

Please include the IGS logo and citation in all websites, presentations, publications, or posters that use IGS data, products, or services. IGS is a service of IAG.