IGS ACC Transition to GA/MIT
January 14, 2016 • 2904 Views

On Thursday January 14, 2016, the role and operational data processing for the IGS Analysis Center Coordinator (ACC) will transition from NOAA/NGS to a combined role for Geosciences Australia (GA) and MIT. The operational data processing to generate the IGS ultrarapid, rapid, and final orbit and clock products will be carried in a cloud computing environment sponsored by GA. The operational oversight of product quality and generation will be split between GA and MIT depending on time day. The new system has been running in parallel for the past two months and has been generating results that are fully consistent with the NOAA/NGS operational processing.

For users and analysis centers, there should be no apparent changes after the transition. All the products are available from and deposited to the same locations as currently. While it is expected that the transition should happen transparently, there could be some delays as the new team works through any problems that do arise. Kevin Choi at NOAA/NGS has graciously agreed to continue his assistance during the transition and the new team is very thankful for this.

Finally the GA/MIT team would like to thank the NOAA/NGS team for the tireless efforts over the last 8 years as IGS ACC. The efforts of Jim Ray, Jake Griffins and Kevin Choi are very appreciated.

Questions can be sent to acc at

Complaints can be sent to Gary.Johnston at

(just kidding, won’t be in message).

GA/MIT Team, Michael Moore, Guorong Hu, Mike Floyd, Tom Herring.

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