IGS Website, Server, FTP, and Mailing List Transitions
October 21, 2017 • 13596 Views

The final transition to from our former site, is now complete. Details of this transition are as follows:

Products Previously Obtained from the Mirror are Now Available Only from Data Centers

Please take a moment to verify that any bookmarks or automatic downloads set to are
updated to addresses, or to those of the IGS Data Centers listed below.

IGS GNSS products (i.e., orbits, station positions, EOP, clock solutions) will no longer be mirrored at Please see CDDIS or one of the other Global Data Centers listed below for the IGS products. CDDIS has a nice description of the product layout here.

IGS products will now only be available in subdirectories by GPS week at the following locations:


IGS Mailing Lists Have Transitioned

IGS mailing list addresses are also changing to “” because of the transition. For example, the old IGSmail address, IGSMail (at), is now igsmail (at)

Please see our mailing list transition guide for details.

IGS FTP Transition

Two product directories on the old FTP will no longer be maintained; they are:

The content in these two product directories can now be found at CDDIS, IGN and SIO. Most of the remaining content on the FTP will be maintained as it was before, with Examples of content that we will continue to maintain at the CB – now on the new FTP – include the following:

  • IGS site logs
  • igs.snx
  • igs14.atx
  • antenna.gra

Additionally, the maps directory will no longer be updated:

If you access these or any other IGS products through the Central Bureau FTP, please check that you are using More information about IGS FTP sites is available on the IGS Knowledge Base. – Your Link to the Service

The IGS website,, is your central source for all IGS-related updates and information. The IGS website contains the IGS Knowledge Base, which is the collective library of over 20 years of IGS-related documents and other resources. You may also view video content of IGS Workshops and other events on IGS Presents, or learn about upcoming meetings and workshops through the IGS Events calendar. The calendar is moderated by the Central Bureau, and all community members are encouraged to suggest events to be added to the calendar, via this link.

Stay Informed, Stay in Contact

Stay informed about important news announcements, such as this message, as well as IGS events, announcements, and technical information releases by subscribing to IGSmail and following IGS on social media. Major announcements and news stories will also be made available under the “News” section of the IGS homepage.

We encourage all members to recommend that their organization’s communications professionals follow the IGS social media outlets, and welcome suggestions for communications and outreach collaborations.

The Central Bureau welcomes any questions, concerns, or user feedback you may have. Please contact us at CB (at) or using the Feedback form on the IGS website.

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