ITRF 2014 Now Available
January 21, 2016 • 6532 Views

The ITRS Center at IGN has the pleasure to announce to the community theavailability of the ITRF2014 solution at the dedicated web site:

I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the enormous efforts of theTechnique Services (IVS, ILRS, IGS, IDS) and their Analysis and CombinationCenters for their contributions by providing reprocessed solutions.The quality of the ITRF2014 is certainly benefiting from these techniqueimproved solutions. Many thanks to a number of institutions and individualsfor their contributions to the ITRF2014 project.I want also to acknowledge the contribution of DGFI and JPL colleagues, aswell as my colleagues at the ITRS Center: IGN Geodetic Research Laboratory(LAREG) and IGN Survey Department (SGN).

The ITRF2014 web site contains the most important results and informationregarding the ITRF2014 combination. It will be updated regularly to add moredetails and results useful to the ITRF users.

For any comment, question or specific request, please contact:itrf at


Zuheir Altamimi

Head, ITRS Center

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