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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

ALBH Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0069812020/02/05Schofield, Brian ALBH, BAMF, CHWK, DRAO, HOLB, NANO, UCLU, WILL: resumption of data flow
0069752020/02/04Schofield, Brian ALBH, BAMF, CHWK, DRAO, HOLB, NANO, UCLU, WILL: delay in data postings
0066422019/01/22Schofield, Brian ALBH: new receiver & external clock
0066202018/12/24Schofield, Brian ALBH: site operational, clock change
0066192018/12/21Schofield, Brian ALBH: power outage
0060832017/02/27Schofield, Brian ALBH, BAMF, CHWK, DRAO, HOLB, NANO, UCLU, WILL, WSLR: delay in data postings
0058142016/06/21Schofield, Brian ALBH: new receiver & external clock
0058012016/06/08Schofield, Brian ALBH: receiver change Thursday June 9, 2016
0057092016/03/31Schofield, Brian ALBH, BAMF, CHWK, DRAO, HOLB, NANO, UCLU, WILL, WSLR: delay in data postings
0054492015/09/25Schofield, Brian ALBH: new receiver & antenna
0054262015/09/14Schofield, Brian ALBH: receiver & antenna change
0052942015/05/20Schofield, Brian ALBH: data loss
0038672012/01/25Schofield, Brian ALBH: data loss
0033042011/01/20Nykolaishen, Lisa ALBH: Updated site log
0027952010/04/04Schmidt, Michael ALBH: data interruption effective 2010-D092
0023102009/03/23Schofield, Brian ALBH: data loss
0021312008/12/18Schofield, Brian ALBH: data loss
0020632008/11/13Nykolaishen, Lisa ALBH: Updated site log
0010492006/12/18Schmidt, Michael ALBH: Loss of Data 2006-12-15 and 16
0010162006/11/28Schofield, Brian ALBH: data loss
0008142006/04/07Schofield, Brian ALBH: D097 data resubmission
0007802006/03/06Schmidt, Michael ALBH: D062-D065 data re-posted
0007652006/02/25Schofield, Brian ALBH: data resubmission
0007142006/01/18Schmidt, Michael ALBH: Change to Internal Clock 2006-01-18
0006152005/10/12Schmidt, Michael ALBH: Receiver Change 2005-10-12T16:45Z
0001902004/08/21Schmidt, Michael ALBH: Hydrogen Maser reconnected / outages D231-233
0063562004/07/31Herb Dragert ALBH clock change
0000132004/05/18Schmidt, Michael ALBH: Data resubmitted D135 to D138
0001012004/05/18Schmidt, Michael ALBH: Data resubmitted D135 to D138
0062622004/03/24Schmidt, Michael ALBH: Hydrogen Maser connected effective 2004-03-24T18:56Z
0061882004/01/30Michael Schmidt ALBH: Data submission resumed effective 2004-01-30T14:54Z
0061792004/01/27Schmidt, Michael ALBH: Receiver Malfunction 2004-01-27
0059862003/09/24Schmidt, Michael ALBH: Data D255-261 reposted
0059662003/09/10Schmidt, Michael ALBH: Data Submission Resumed - Site Changes
0059432003/08/28Schmidt, Michael ALBH: data submission temporarily suspended
0059422003/08/26Schmidt, Michael ALBH Receiver Change: 2003-08-26T16:15Z
0048262001/08/02Herb Dragert ALBH clock change
0048202001/07/26Herb Dragert ALBH data problems
0046602001/04/17Michael Schmidt ALBH: D106 resubmiited
0044192000/10/06Michael Schmidt ALBH: data D277, 278 reposted
0044212000/10/06Michael Schmidt ALBH: clock replaced
0044062000/09/21Michael Schmidt ALBH: D264 reposted
0044012000/09/20Michael Schmidt ALBH Data D260
0042092000/05/13Michael Schmidt ALBH: 1 hour files available
0041302000/03/21Michael Schmidt ALBH: D080 data re-submitted
0041212000/03/15Michael Schmidt ALBH: New receiver type / firmware
0041152000/03/14Michael Schmidt ALBH: data files reposted for D063-072 - 2000
0041042000/03/04schmidt at ALBH: Data resubmitted for D063
0040041999/12/14Michael ALBH
0038701999/09/30M. ALBH
0036071999/04/12Herb Posting of Rinex files for a BenchMark receiver at ALBH
0035381999/02/16Stephen ALBH
0031691998/01/29Michael ALBH
0030431997/08/26Stephen Resubmission of ALBH data for 97aug25 (DOY 237)
0030311997/08/07Michael ALBH
0028691996/12/17Michael ALBH
0027711996/07/26Herb ALBH data for Jul. 25, 1996 (Day 207)
0027331996/06/20Raj YELL,ALBH,CHUR data
0027311996/06/19Michael ALBH, DRAO Advisory
0025931996/02/21Raj Error in resubmission of albh and stjo data
0025901996/02/16Michael ALBH Clock Change
0025311995/12/13Stephen ALBH & DRAO Data Resubmission
0025301995/12/12Michael ALBH
0025231995/12/07Stephen ALGO, ALBH, DRAO, STJO & YELL Data Submission
0025241995/12/07Stephen ALBH & DRAO Late Data Submission
0023881995/07/21Michael ALBH firmware upgrade
0023471995/06/07Michael ALBH
0022521995/02/13Michael ALBH Data Outage
0022251995/01/23Michael ALBH
0022081995/01/12Bhoj ALBH RECEIVER CHANGE
0022101995/01/12Michael Two stage change to ALBH
0021451994/11/09Mike ALBH Data Outage
0020091994/06/15Stephen Data for ALBH ALGO DRAO STJO YELL
0019441994/04/16Stephen ALBH - Antenna Type Change
0019431994/04/14Mike Antenna change at ALBH
0019191994/03/22Mike Data outade(s) at ALBH and DRAO
0018191994/01/16Mike ALBH GPS Tracker - Hardware change
0018141994/01/12H. Receiver problems at Canadian site ALBH
0017841993/12/08Mike ALBH Site Information Update
0017671993/11/30Mike DRAO and ALBH Site Descriptions
0017601993/11/24Mike ALBH GPS Tracker
0017571993/11/20Mike Clock Change at ALBH (Albert Head)
0017371993/10/28Herb DRAO & ALBH/ Problems and hardware changes at Canadian sites
0016241993/04/24M. ALBH GPS Tracker
0015291992/12/22Mike Software Update at ALBH (Albert Head)
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