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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

AUCK Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0063192017/12/19Elisabetta D'Anas AUCK, CHTI and DUND firmware upgraded
0059062016/09/19Elisabetta D'Anas AUCK, CHTI, DUND, MQZG, WARK firmware upgrade
0058192016/06/27Elisabetta D'Anas AUCK, CHTI and MQZG: firmware upgraded and full-GNSS enabled
0055642015/12/17Elisabetta D'Anas AUCK, DUND, MQZG and WGTN: wrong antenna model
0054362015/09/17LINZ PositioNZ AUCK firmware upgrade V4.85
0054242015/09/09LINZ PositioNZ AUCK firmware upgrade V4.70
0049932014/07/22Elisabetta D'Anas AUCK, WARK and WGTN planned streaming outage
0033872011/02/28Simon Edwards AUCK equipment change UT 28 Feb 2011
0001292010/11/04Frederick Blume Re: Upgrades of AUCK, WGTN, MQZG, DUND, CHTI to Trimble NetR9 receiver
0006412005/11/03John Beavan AUCK receiver/antenna change
0006422005/11/03John Beavan AUCK revised site log
0003732005/02/01John Beavan AUCK proposed antenna change
0000572004/07/01John Beavan AUCK back on line
0001412004/07/01John Beavan AUCK back on line
0000432004/06/22John Beavan AUCK data delayed
0001282004/06/22John Beavan AUCK data delayed
0056032003/01/09John Beavan Receiver change at AUCK
0055552002/12/02John Beavan AUCK missing data and receiver exchange
0053672002/07/18John Beavan AUCK back on line
0049482001/10/29John Beavan AUCK upgrade
0049402001/10/25John Beavan AUCK receiver upgrade
0048402001/08/13John Beavan AUCK data delayed
0043472000/08/13John Beavan AUCK data delayed
0042402000/05/30John Beavan AUCK back on line
0042192000/05/19John Beavan AUCK communication problems
0037891999/08/12John AUCK firmware upgrade
0033271998/07/21John AUCK back to normal
0033201998/07/15John AUCK problems
0031901998/03/01John AUCK data
0031871998/02/26John AUCK failure
0030921997/10/31John AUCK and CHAT site logs
0026281996/03/25John AUCK data interruption
0025631996/01/19Roger Flashcard problem at AUCK
0025321995/12/17John AUCK down, day 349-351
0024871995/11/14Keith AUCK offload problem
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