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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

CAGL Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0054392015/09/18David Maggert IGS stations decommissioned: CAGL, CAGZ, CCJM, CFAG, DUBR, KOSG, MDVO, OSJE, SLOR, TRAB, UMTA, UNFE
0009902015/09/18David Maggert IGS stations decommissioned: CAGL, CAGZ, CCJM, CFAG, DUBR, KOSG, MDVO, OSJE, SLOR, TRAB, UMTA, UNFE
0046522013/09/16geodaf at hp835.m CAGL station status
0037812011/11/22GeoDAF Administra CAGL data flow resumed
0037762011/11/21GeoDAF Administra CAGL data outage
0029342010/06/16GeoDAF Administra Planned outage: stations aqui cagl elba geno lamp mat1 mate medi milo not1 and GeoDAF LDC
0020592008/11/12Colucci Giuseppe CAGL resumed
0020322008/10/24Colucci Giuseppe serious problems at Cagliari site (CAGL station)
0017952008/06/16Colucci Giuseppe new site log for CAGL, GENO, MATE, NOT1 and VENE stations
0009862006/11/06Colucci Giuseppe CAGL station may not send data
0067692006/08/25Colucci Giuseppe data flow from CAGL GENO MATE MAT1 MEDI interrupted
0062422004/03/04retegps CAGL site log updated
0062412004/03/04retegps Cagl on again
0060782003/11/17retegps came, cagl, geno problems
0057712003/05/26retegps CAGL data lost
0055532002/12/02retegps CAGL data not available doy 334-335
0052992002/06/10Rete Fiduciale GP new format sitelog MATE,MEDI,CAGL,VENE,NOT1
0052262002/05/02Rete Fiduciale GP No data from CAGL doy 121
0049222001/09/28Del Rosso Domenic CAGL Frequency standard
0048682001/08/29Rete Fiduciale GP CAGL bad data
0048032001/07/18Rete Fiduciale GP CAGL Rinex header corrected
0047972001/07/17Rete Fiduciale GP Cagl new sitelog
0047952001/07/16Rete Fiduciale GP CAGLIARI Station (CAGL)
0047842001/07/09Rete Fiduciale GP VENE and CAGL data not available doy 189
0046992001/05/14Rete Fiduciale GP CAGL data not available doy 133
0043432000/08/08Rete Fiduciale GP CAGL data not available doy 210
0043282000/07/27Rete Fiduciale GP CAGL data not available doy 190-191
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