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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

DARW Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0068702019/10/02Mettes Jonathan DARW: communications outage [SEC=OFFICIAL]
0063662018/02/18Batchelor Josh DARW: Power Outage [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
0061762017/07/04Zhou Ted DARW: Antenna replaced [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
0056712016/03/07Geodesy DARW: Power Outage [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
0052072015/02/15Ryan.Ruddick at g DARW: Communications Outage [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
0049742014/07/03Nicholas.Dando at Re: DARW and DAV1 firmware upgrades [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]
0049422014/06/16Ryan.Ruddick at g DARW: back on-line [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
0049372014/06/12Nicholas.Dando at Re: DARW comms issue [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]
0045332013/05/21Nicholas.Dando at DARW Highrate outage: DOY 126 - 140 [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]
0044622013/03/15Jim Ray - NOAA Fe Re: DARW firmware update - not ME [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]
0044462013/03/07Nicholas.Dando at Re: DARW firmware update - not ME [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]
0043382012/12/17Nicholas.Dando at Re: DARW Comms restored [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]
0043182012/12/10Nicholas.Dando at Re: DARW Comms outage [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]
0039232012/03/04Ryan.Ruddick at g Comms Outage: ALIC, KARR, DARW, YAR2, YAR3, YARR [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
0035292011/06/07Nicholas.Dando at Re: DARW updated site log [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
0034592011/04/13ryan.ruddick at g DARW: Data Outage
0030582010/08/17ryan.ruddick at g DARW: Data Outage
0030402010/08/05ryan.ruddick at g DARW: Firmware Upgrade
0029502010/06/27ryan.ruddick at g DARW: Data Outage
0028582010/05/05ryan.ruddick at g DARW: ME Upgrade
0023642009/06/09Michael.Moore at DARW now operational [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
0019602008/09/21ryan.ruddick at g DARW Firmware Upgrade
0016032007/12/17Michael.Moore at DARW receiver problem [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
0011362007/02/11Michael.Moore at DARW: local computes down
0010502006/12/18Michael.Moore at DARW now operational
0010332006/12/07Michael.Moore at DARW and DARR Comms problems
0006742005/12/13Michael.Moore at DARW & DARR outage
0004382005/04/12Michael.Moore at Data Outage (DARW,DARR,YAR2,YARR,KARR,ALIC)
0000762004/07/15Michael.Moore at DARW receiver replacement
0001582004/07/15Michael.Moore at DARW receiver replacement
0000712004/07/13Michael.Moore at DARW data outage
0001532004/07/13Michael.Moore at DARW data outage
0060982003/11/25Bob.Twilley at ga DARW addition of Rubidium and Met Sensor
0059602003/09/08Paul.Digney at ga Darwin (DARW) Data Available
0059472003/09/01Paul.Digney at ga Darwin (DARW) Data Outage
0059282003/08/17Paul.Digney at ga Darwin (DARW) Data Available
0059212003/08/12Paul.Digney at ga Darwin (DARW) Data Outage
0057572003/05/20Twilley, Bob DARW frequency oscillator change
0057082003/04/03Digney, Paul DARW Antenna change
0054532002/09/12Digney, Paul Darwin (DARW) Data Outage
0052022002/04/04Twilley, Bob DARW data available
0051852002/03/29Twilley, Bob DARW Data Unavailable
0050222001/12/17Digney, Paul DARW Antenna Change
0049822001/11/22Digney, Paul DARW Data Available
0049702001/11/18Digney, Paul DARW DATA
0049712001/11/18Digney, Paul DARW & JAB1 Data Outage
0049432001/10/28Digney, Paul DARW Receiver Change
0049352001/10/18Twilley, Bob DARW Antenna type and height change
0049322001/10/14Digney, Paul DARW Data Outage
0049032001/09/18Digney, Paul DARW Data Available
0048932001/09/11Digney, Paul DARW Data Outage
0048722001/08/30Digney, Paul Darwin (DARW) Operational
0048662001/08/28Digney, Paul DARW Data Outage
0047102001/05/20Digney, Paul DARW Data Available
0047012001/05/14Digney, Paul DARW Data Outage
0046532001/04/11Twilley, Bob DARW data available
0046342001/04/02Digney, Paul DARW Data Outage
0044732000/11/12Digney, Paul DARW Data Outage
0043462000/08/08Twilley, Bob DARW Receiver Firmware Upgrade
0041372000/03/25Twilley, Bob DARW data outage
0039661999/11/24Bob DARW Receiver change
0039361999/11/03Paul DARW DATA Available
0038731999/09/30Paul DARW DataOutage - Correction
0038721999/09/30Paul DARW Data Outage
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