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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

EBRE Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0042842012/11/18Gómez Rodrig EBRE: data unavailable due to technical problems
0040932012/07/03Gómez Rodrig EBRE: Communication problems solved
0040922012/07/02Gómez Rodrig EBRE: Communication problem
0017842008/05/29Gómez Rodrig Subject: EBRE: receiver chang
0013302007/07/03Parareda, Carme EBRE data gap
0006542005/11/17Parareda, Carme NETRS installed in EBRE
0006512005/11/15Parareda, Carme EBRE power fail and receiver change announcement
0005142005/07/06Parareda, Carme EBRE data files uncomplete for last weeks
0002422004/10/06Parareda, Carme submitted delayed files from EBRE
0063982004/10/05Parareda, Carme submitted delayed files from EBRE
0061042003/11/27Parareda, Carme EBRE data gaps for DOY329
0060822003/11/18Parareda, Carme EBRE files resubmitted
0060662003/11/12Parareda, Carme EBRE data gap
0058342003/06/20Parareda, Carme EBRE power down
0058232003/06/17Parareda, Carme EBRE site log update
0057662003/05/23Parareda, Carme EBRE gap on DOY140
0057182003/04/11Parareda, Carme EBRE data gap
0055302002/11/13Parareda, Carme wrong EBRE rinex headers
0055232002/11/08Parareda, Carme EBRE site log updated
0054462002/09/06Parareda, Carme data gaps at EBRE files
0052822002/05/29Parareda, Carme EBRE daily rinex file include SNR observables
0047962001/07/17Parareda, Carme EBRE data gap DOY196
0045292001/01/04Parareda, Carme data missing at EBRE
0041502000/04/03Parareda, Carme lost data for EBRE
0040191999/12/24Carme EBRE station status
0039501999/11/12Carme Shutdown of EBRE for DOY 315
0039491999/11/10Carme Shutdown of EBRE for DOY 315
0037711999/08/03Carme late submission for EBRE
0037471999/07/15Carme EBRE upgrade
0036831999/06/18Carme no comunications at EBRE
0036711999/06/04Carme updated station log for EBRE station
0036051999/04/12Carme EBRE files submitted
0036011999/04/07Carme late submission for EBRE
0034861999/01/07Carme EBRE files submitted
0034841999/01/05Carme EBRE late submisssion
0034331998/11/10Carme delay in EBRE submission for DOY 313
0034171998/10/19Carme EBRE files missing for DOY 290,291
0033921998/09/14Carme EBRE files for DOY 253 submitted
0033811998/09/02Carme EBRE files submission delay
0033531998/08/11Carme EBRE data
0033251998/07/19Assumpcio EBRE problems
0032801998/05/29Carme EBRE files delay
0032321998/04/15Carme EBRE wrong files
0031791998/02/18Carme EBRE files
0031161997/12/05Carme EBRE files
0031031997/11/21Carme EBRE outage
0029561997/04/17Carme EBRE data submission
0029541997/04/16Carme change at EBRE site
0029521997/04/11Carme Change at EBRE
0029451997/04/02Carme EBRE data submission
0028291996/10/11Kurt GPS data from site EBRE available at IFAG
0027571996/07/12Carme EBRE log update
0026911996/05/15Carme EBRE stops submission
0026851996/05/10Carme EBRE restarted
0026811996/05/08Carme problems at EBRE
0026571996/04/19Carme EBRE data loss
0026471996/04/03Carme data loss at EBRE
0026431996/04/01Carme EBRE data missing
0026251996/03/25Carme EBRE data submission
0026201996/03/19Carme EBRE data transmission
0026121996/03/12Carme EBRE data trnsmission
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