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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

FAIR Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0062702017/10/09Sarah Doelger FAIR: Receiver Change
0041542012/08/07Jake Griffiths Re: FAIR radome re-installation
0041372012/07/25Nic Flores FAIR radome re-installation
0040012012/04/25Stowers, David A FAIR (Gilmore Creek) radome removal
0036372011/08/11Victoria Andreatt FAIR: JPLA Dome removal: CANCELLED
0036352011/08/10Victoria Andreatt FAIR: JPLA dome removal
0016942008/04/01Oivind Ruud FAIR: receiver change
0006832005/12/20victoria FAIR switching to internal clock
0006602005/11/29Oivind Ruud FAIR: H-Maser off this past weekend
0004682005/05/12Oivind Ruud FAIR: H-Maser frequency standard and updated log submission
0003892005/02/17Dave Stowers FAIR clock changed from H-Maser to Rb
0003902005/02/17Oivind Ruud FAIR: updated log w/ new Freq. Standard info submitted to the IGS.
0003332004/12/22Dave Stowers FAIR (new equipment)
0003082004/12/02Oivind Ruud FAIR: ADVISORY clock frequency standard periods with new receiver
0003062004/12/01Oivind Ruud FAIR: receiver change, updated log submitted
0002932004/11/25Oivind Ruud FAIR: new receiver, temporary data outage
0002742004/11/09Oivind Ruud FAIR: data caution, and upcoming GPS eqp. swap
0002162004/09/15Oivind Ruud FAIR: Ashtech UZ-12 using external freq. standard again
0002122004/09/09Oivind Ruud FAIR: correction to [IGSSTATION-155]
0002112004/09/08Oivind Ruud FAIR: receiver now operating on internal oscillator
0062982004/04/20"Ferland, R& IGb00 Review - FAIR - MAG0 - SFER - YSSK
0055212002/11/06"Ferland, R& FW: FAIR in SINEX Products
0055172002/11/05Michael B Heflin Offset at FAIR
0055142002/11/04Geoff Blewitt Advisory: Co-seismic displacement of FAIR
0055152002/11/04Geoff Blewitt Advisory: Co-seismic displacement of FAIR
0054472002/09/06Razmik Khachikyan FAIR data advisory
0053552002/07/09Razmik Khachikyan FAIR receiver replacement
0049022001/09/17Dave Stowers FAIR (Fairbanks, Alaska) back on-line
0048972001/09/13Dave Stowers FAIR (Fairbanks, Alaska) anticipated outage 15sep2001
0038551999/09/09Dave FAIR/KOKB offload scheme change
0037551999/07/22Dave FAIR/JPLM data outage
0037391999/07/13Dave 30s FAIR data available for test purposes (again)
0037371999/07/12Dave 30s FAIR data available for test purposes
0037171999/06/30Dave Gilmore Creek (FAIR) receiver data
0033581998/08/12Razmik FAIR receiver swap
0033431998/07/30Razmik Receiver change at Fairbanks(FAIR)
0032571998/04/29Dave Gilmore Creek (FAIR) receiver
0026031996/02/29Keith Fairbanks GPS Stations (FAIR & FAI2)
0019681994/05/10Steve Fair, JPLM, and Kokb station.log updates
0017151993/09/11Dave Network Advisory: MCMU,FAIR
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