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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

FLIN Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0069992020/02/18Bernard, Curtis ( FLIN: Receiver change
0069762020/02/04Bernard, Curtis ( FLIN: Data Outage
0067132019/03/21Bernard, Curtis ( FLIN: Firmware update
0065222018/08/30Elson, Stuart (NR FLIN: Eccosorb Removal from Monument
0064802018/07/18Elson, Stuart (NR FLIN: Data Interruption 2018-07-18
0063362018/01/23Elson, Stuart (NR FLIN: Receiver Change today at ~15:35ut
0048052014/02/24Elson, Stuart FLIN, DUBO - GNSS Receiver Upgrade This Week
0035452011/06/15Huot, Caroline FLIN planned down time period
0033122011/01/25Huot, Caroline FLIN corrupted data
0032722010/12/23Huot, Caroline FLIN new equipment installed
0032692010/12/20Huot, Caroline Changes planned at FLIN IGS RF station
0032542010/12/04Schmidt, Michael FLIN: Partial Data Gap D336-337
0024922009/08/25Schofield, Brian FLIN: data outage
0023542009/04/18Schofield, Brian FLIN: data outage
0023212009/03/29Schofield, Brian FLIN: data outages 2009-03-28 and 2009-03-29
0023052009/03/22Nykolaishen, Lisa FLIN: communications problems and data outages 2009-03-21 and 2009-03-22
0022722009/03/06Nykolaishen, Lisa FLIN: data outage 2009-03-06
0022672009/03/05Nykolaishen, Lisa FLIN: data outage 2009-03-05
0022312009/02/11Nykolaishen, Lisa FLIN: data outage 2009-02-11
0022252009/02/09Nykolaishen, Lisa FLIN: data outage 2009-02-09
0022212009/02/08Nykolaishen, Lisa FLIN: data outage 2009-02-07
0022202009/02/06Schofield, Brian FLIN: data outage 2009-02-06
0022172009/02/05Schofield, Brian FLIN: data outage 2009-02-05
0021902009/01/20Schofield, Brian FLIN: data outage 2009-01-20
0021872009/01/19Schofield, Brian FLIN: data loss 2009-01-19
0021802009/01/18Schmidt, Michael FLIN: Data Loss 2009-01-18
0020812008/11/19Nykolaishen, Lisa FLIN: Updated site log
0020672008/11/14Schofield, Brian FLIN: data outage
0019792008/09/26Schmidt, Michael FLIN: Data flow resumes
0019522008/09/18Schofield, Brian FLIN: data flow resumes
0019102008/08/27Schofield, Brian FLIN: Site Problems
0018742008/08/03Schofield, Brian FLIN: Site Problems
0016422008/03/09Schmidt, Michael FLIN: Data outage 2008-03-09
0012682007/05/10Schofield, Brian FLIN: communication restored, files posted
0011972007/03/28Schmidt, Michael FLIN: Communication Outage
0010422006/12/13Schmidt, Michael FLIN: receiver / communication problems
0010092006/11/22Schofield, Brian FLIN: site problems
0009442006/10/06Schmidt, Michael FLIN: Data posting resumed
0009372006/10/02Schmidt, Michael FLIN: Data Not Available
0004302005/04/06Schofield, Brian FLIN: Data Resubmitted D095
0004232005/03/26Schofield, Brian FLIN: Data Resubmitted D083
0004182005/03/22Schofield, Brian FLIN: Data Resubmitted D080
0004162005/03/17Schofield, Brian FLIN: Data Resubmitted D076
0003362004/12/29Schofield, Brian FLIN: Data Resubmitted D360
0002912004/11/24Schofield, Brian FLIN: Data Resubmitted D328
0045392001/01/13Michael Schmidt FLIN: Receiver Change
0041662000/04/11Michael Schmidt Data resubmission for DRAO, DUBO, FLIN, NANO, UCLU, WILL, WHIT, WSLR;
0039941999/12/12Herb FLIN data for Days 343 and 344
0034701998/12/10Michael FLIN
0034021998/09/24Michael FLIN
0033881998/09/04Michael FLIN
0031251997/12/09Michael FLIN
0030631997/09/28Michael Data Outage at FLIN
0029881997/06/02Herb FLIN data outage for Jun. 01 & 02 , 1997.
0029891997/06/02Dann Missing Data at FLIN
0029431997/04/01Michael FLIN data loss
0029341997/03/13Raj Delay in FLIN data submission for doy 70
0028801997/01/07Michael FLIN
0027451996/06/27Michael WHIT back online; WHIT / FLIN site forms
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