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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

GMAS Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0062242017/08/29David Maggert GMAS, PETP, TUKT: decommissioned from the IGS
0013492017/08/29David Maggert GMAS, PETP, TUKT: decommissioned from the IGS
0014122007/08/28Nakamura Shinichi GMAS Data Outage 2007/08/27
0013982007/08/15Nakamura Shinichi GMAS Data Outage 2007/08/14
0008872006/06/15Shinichi NAKAMURA GMAS Data Outage
0008752006/06/04Shinichi NAKAMURA GMAS Data Outage
0007622006/02/22Shinichi NAKAMURA GMAS Data Outage
0006922006/01/05Shinichi NAKAMURA GMAS Data Outage
0003192004/12/07Nakamura S GMAS: data outage(3/12/2004)
0003202004/12/07Nakamura S GMAS: data outage (7/12/2004)
0064282004/12/01Nakamura S GMAS data interrupted
0062682004/03/28Takashi Uchimura GMAS data transfer problem
0062302004/02/27uchimura.takashi GMAS data
0062002004/02/04Takashi Uchimura Change the definition of GMAS ARP
0060722003/11/13Takashi Uchimura GMAS data abnormal
0060552003/11/06Takashi Uchimura GMAS data untransmission
0059232003/08/07Takashi Uchimura GMAS data interruption from 218 to 219(DOY)
0058742003/07/16Takashi Uchimura GMAS data interruption and unstable on DOY197
0058772003/07/16Takashi Uchimura GMAS data interruption and unstable on DOY196
0058762003/07/15Takashi Uchimura GMAS data interruption and unstable on DOY196
0058002003/06/05Takashi Uchimura GMAS data interruption
0057762003/05/24Takashi UCHIMURA GMAS data quality information
0057602003/05/21Takashi Uchimura Corrected Site Information Forms for GMAS and compensation of receiver clock offset
0057582003/05/20Takashi Uchimura Maintenance of GMAS
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