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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

GODE Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0065622018/10/31Shakhbandaryan, T Resuming GODE data publication
0062342017/09/06Stowers, David A GODE/GODZ data intermittent
0049282014/06/10Stowers, David A Temporary outage (GODE/Z/N/S)
0048102014/03/02Carey Noll GODE: Meteorological data format error
0043802013/01/30Khachikyan, Razmi GODE/GODZ antenna radome
0043342012/12/13Stowers, David A GODE/GODZ antenna radome re-install
0043332012/12/13Stowers, David A GODE/GODZ antenna radome re-install
0041612012/08/09Stowers, David A GODE and GODZ antenna failure/repair status
0041552012/08/07Stowers, David A GODE and GODZ antenna failure/repair status
0041502012/08/02Stowers, David A GODE/GODZ antenna LNA failure
0040992012/07/05Stowers, David A GODE (and GODZ) radome removal scheduled for this Friday (July 6th)
0037552011/11/07David Maggert GODE: recent data outage
0033862011/02/28Stowers, David A GODE/GODZ frequency reference change
0031432010/09/28David Maggert GODE: recent data outage
0025482009/10/02Stowers, David A GODE/GODZ
0025492009/10/02Stowers, David A GODE/GODZ (date correction)
0016612008/03/13Oivind Ruud GODE: Data publishing has resumed
0016462008/03/10Oivind Ruud GODE: local site survey and data interruption
0008802006/06/07Oivind Ruud GODE: short data outage
0008232006/04/19Oivind Ruud GODE: data publishing is resuming
0002632004/10/29Dave Stowers GODE (Planned 5MHz reference interruption)
0002612004/10/28Dave Stowers GODE (Maser Maintenance) tomorrow, Oct 29, 1400-1600UTC
0059692003/09/11Dave Stowers GODE (data interruption due to site survey, d253)
0053292002/06/25Razmik Khachikyan GODE on H-maser
0053002002/06/10Dave Stowers Local Survey work at GODE
0052922002/06/05Dave Stowers GODE (temporary outage/clock changes)
0052542002/05/15Dave Stowers GODE (further signal distribution work) d135
0052412002/05/10Dave Stowers GODE (receiver replacement) 10may2002
0052102002/04/17Dave Stowers GODE (firmware update, return to service)
0049312001/10/11Razmik Khachikyan GODE back to service
0048812001/09/04Robert Khachikyan GODE data interruption
0047592001/06/03Kodak, Charles GGAO/GODE Returns to operation
0047582001/06/01Kodak, Charles GODE antenna maintenance
0046562001/04/12Dave Stowers GODE site down during survey (12apr2001)
0039771999/12/01Dave GODE frequency standard failure/repair
0039441999/11/05Dave GODE (back on H-maser)
0039301999/11/03Dave GODE (site construction)
0038321999/08/27Dave GODE offload scheme change
0036431999/05/18Charles GODE returns 1445 UT
0033731998/08/25Bruce GODE Crystal Change
0033721998/08/25Bruce GODE Maser Problem
0030671997/10/04Chuck GODE Barometric Errors
0030041997/06/24Dave GODE on xtal
0023811995/07/12Bruce GODE Frequency Reference
0023691995/06/30Bruce GODE Frequency Reference
0023141995/04/28Tom GODE off 2 hours on April 27
0021811994/12/15Tom GODE Receiver Change
0019991994/06/03Tom More GODE status
0019961994/06/02Tom GODE Interruption plus PRN13 comments
0019861994/05/20Tom GODE sensitivity improvement
0018941994/03/01Tom GODE Oscillator Change
0018581994/02/07Tom GODE Receiver Clock Rate Correction
0018021994/01/02Tom GODE back online
0017461993/11/08T. Operations change at GODE (Goddard)
0017181993/09/17Tom GODE Oscillator Change 9/16
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