GOPE00CZE Station Information - Site Page
CountryCzech Republic
Station Loggope_20180808.log
DOMES Number11502M002
ConstellationGPS GLONASS Galileo BeiDou SBAS
Data CenterOLG

GOPE00CZE Quality

Daily RINEX2 observations

Receiver + Firmware


1995-05-13 TRIMBLE 4000SSE - 5.52
1997-06-11 SPP GEOTRACER100 - 4.34
1997-06-20 TRIMBLE 4000SSE - 7.24
1999-11-04 ASHTECH Z18 - 0064
2000-07-24 TRIMBLE 4000SSE - 7.24
2000-10-04 ASHTECH Z18 - 0064
2001-07-18 ASHTECH Z18 - 0065
2009-12-14 TPS NETG3 - 3.4 May,13,2009
2010-05-20 TPS NETG3 - 3.4 Dec,12,2009p2
2013-03-19 TPS NETG3 - 4.0 Aug,03,2012
2015-06-25 TPS NETG3 - 4.0 Dec,21,2012 p1
2018-08-08 TRIMBLE SPS855 - 5.32
1995-05-13 TRM14532.00 NONE
1999-11-04 ASH701073.3 SNOW
2000-07-24 TRM14532.00 NONE
2000-10-04 ASH701946.3 SNOW
2006-01-24 ASH701946.3 SNOW
2006-07-14 TPSCR3_GGD CONE
2009-12-14 TPSCR.G3 TPSH
2018-07-17 TPSCR.G3 TPSH

RINEX2 Cycle Slips

RINEX2 RMS Multipath

RINEX2 Latency


The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

GOPE00CZE Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0065132018/08/08Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: receiver exchange - correction
0065122018/08/08Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: receiver exchange
0064772018/07/17Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: change antenna splitter
0064202018/04/21Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: missing data DOY 110 hours B-T
0063922018/03/14Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: missing data 2018:072W-073J
0062972017/10/25Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: power outage - no data 17:292P-17:298G
0061932017/07/27Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: missing data 201M-202Q
0061232017/04/12Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: missing data 2017:101R-103F
0060982017/03/16Jakub Kostelecky GOPE, GOP6, GOP7: changes in meteorogical instrumentation
0060242017/01/03Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: missing data 2017:002V-003H
0059172016/09/28Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: missing data from DOY 271 hours J-L
0058372016/07/25Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: missing data from 205P till 206K
0056722016/03/08Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: missing data 068 B-J
0053882015/08/18Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: missing data 230 hours O - Q
0053282015/06/25Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: firmware updated
0052362015/03/16Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: missing data 075U-W
0049992014/07/26Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: missing data 206Q-207M
0047532013/12/31Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: lost of data 13/361-365
0044972013/04/24Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: resubmissing of data 2013:108-2013:112
0044682013/03/19Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: firmware update
0043512012/12/31Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: software failure - data lost
0042092012/09/19Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: on-site computer outage
0035072011/05/22Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: software failure
0030432010/08/10Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: data outage
0028852010/05/20Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: firmware update
0028802010/05/17Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: data lost
0028042010/04/12Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: data gap 10/101-10/102
0026352009/12/14Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: change of receiver and antenna
0023552009/04/20Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: missing data
0023562009/04/20Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: old missing data
0023232009/03/30Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: missing data
0023082009/03/23Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: missing data
0022862009/03/16Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: missing data
0022552009/03/02Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: missing data
0022442009/02/23Jakub Kostelecky Re: GOPE: missing data
0022362009/02/16Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: missing data
0020722008/11/18Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: interuption due to the computer crash
0012662007/05/07Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: station computer software failure
0010752007/01/12Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: back on-line
0010192006/11/29Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: back on-line
0010122006/11/26Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: computer crash
0009802006/10/20Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: error in the GLONASS data
0007232006/01/24Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: new antenna installed
0006352005/10/31Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: data lost between DOY 300 and 304
0005312005/07/28Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: error in RINEX headers
0001182004/06/14Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: on-site computer problem
0000322004/06/14Jakub Kostelecky GOPE: on-site computer problem
0062132004/02/17G.O.Pecny - Globa GOPE: new daily file - DOY 047
0062052004/02/11G.O.Pecny - Globa GOPE: new daily file
0057452003/05/09G.O.Pecny - Globa GOPE: missing data
0056762003/03/18G.O.Pecny - Globa GOPE produces unsmoothed data
0056262003/02/04G.O.Pecny - Globa GOPE: GLONASS data out
0054932002/10/17G.O.Pecny - Globa GOPE: Updated site log
0052312002/05/03G.O.Pecny - Globa GOPE: exchange of pressure sensor
0050652002/01/14G.O.Pecny - Globa Missing data from GOPE station
0049052001/09/19G.O.Pecny - Globa GOPE power break
0048052001/07/18G.O.Pecny - Globa GOPE firmware upgrade and some corrections
0047832001/07/08G.O.Pecny - Globa Missing data from GOPE station
0047232001/05/28G.O.Pecny - Globa Corrected GOPE site information log
0047202001/05/25G.O.Pecny - Globa GOPE pressure sensor exchange
0046802001/05/03G.O.Pecny - Globa Gap in data from GOPE station
0045362001/01/08G.O.Pecny - Globa GOPE computer down
0044262000/10/10G.O.Pecny - Globa Resubmission of GOPE data files
0044152000/10/04G.O.Pecny - Globa GOPE receiver and antenna changed
0044102000/09/26G.O.Pecny - Globa GOPE connection outage
0043332000/07/28G.O.Pecny - Globa GOPE receiver and antenna changed
0043222000/07/24G.O.Pecny - Globa GOPE receiver breakdown
0039401999/11/04J. GOPE receiver and antenna changed
0036981999/06/25Jakub Updated GOPE Site Inform. Form
0029971997/06/20J. GOPE Receiver Return
0029941997/06/13Jaroslav Receiver exchange at GOPE
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