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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

GRAZ Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0064272018/04/25Titz Helmut GRAZ: equipment change
0064242018/04/24Titz Helmut GRAZ: Planned equipment change tomorrow 25. April 2018
0053032015/06/10David Maggert Inconsistent sitelog for GRAZ uploaded
0029432010/06/23Titz Helmut GRAZ: all-in-view tracking activated
0028812010/05/18Titz Helmut GRAZ: GNSS-Upgrade 18. May 2010
0066072005/10/21Peter Pesec Data gap for GRAZ, Austria
0065112005/04/16Peter Pesec Data gap in GRAZ
0065102005/04/15Peter Pesec New logs for GRAZ and HFLK
0064862005/03/12Peter Pesec Power interrupt at GRAZ
0063692004/08/20Peter Pesec Station GRAZ - rinex header foulty
0059502003/09/02Peter Pesec GRAZ has a data gap
0051732002/03/24Peter Pesec GRAZ - data gap doy 76/2002
0050242001/12/18Peter Pesec Data gap for GRAZ, Austria
0047412001/06/02Peter Pesec New log for GRAZ
0046962001/05/09Peter Pesec IGS/EUREF station GRAZ operational
0046822001/05/03Peter Pesec Problems with IGS/EUREF site GRAZ
0043552000/08/22Peter Pesec IGS/EUREF station GRAZ Austria - data gaps
0043112000/07/20Peter Pesec Site GRAZ data gap
0043022000/07/18Peter Pesec IGS station GRAZ wrong header information
0042852000/07/04Peter Pesec Receiver change at GRAZ, Austria
0042742000/06/26Peter Pesec IGS/EUREF station GRAZ down
0042012000/05/10Peter Pesec ISG/EUREF station Graz update
0041342000/03/23Peter Pesec L2 problems at site GRAZ
0038601999/09/19Peter Hourly data from Graz
0038151999/08/23Peter IGS site GRAZ, rearrangements-proposal
0038101999/08/21Peter Z-18 firmware update in Graz, Austria
0037511999/07/16Peter GRAZ firmware update
0037191999/07/01Peter Update of logfiles for GRAZ/HFLK Austria
0035751999/03/16Peter Data gap for Graz, Austria
0035541999/03/02Peter Z18 at Graz in regular operation
0035361999/02/16Peter Problems with Z-18 at Graz
0034401998/11/14Peter IGS station GRAZ - data gaps
0034101998/10/11Peter Z18 GPS-GLONASS at Graz, Austria
0029861997/05/30Peter Data gap at Lustbuehel Graz Austria
0029601997/04/19Peter Data loss at IGS station GRAZ Austria
0028961997/01/19Peter GRAZ data loss
0027391996/06/25Peter Receiver change at GRAZ
0026151996/03/13Peter data center GRAZ update
0026131996/03/12Peter GRAZ failed doy 68
0025971996/02/25Peter GRAZ/HFLK data loss
0020461994/07/13Peter meenix upgrade at graz
0019381994/04/10Peter SNR-8C at Graz back at Meenix 7.3
0017131993/09/09P. Graz rogue problems
0014451992/08/14Peter Present IGS status at Graz Lustb~Ahel
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