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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

GUAM Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0068682019/10/02Shakhbandaryan, T GUAM publication has resumed
0048192014/03/10Khachikyan, Razmi Re: GUAM publication
0047582014/01/06Khachikyan, Razmi GUAM publication
0033542011/02/10David Maggert GUAM: data collection resuming
0033082011/01/24David Maggert GUAM: data outage
0032922011/01/10David Maggert GUAM: data outage
0032482010/12/01David Maggert GUAM: data collection resuming
0032422010/11/29David Maggert GUAM: data outage
0032142010/11/03David Maggert GUAM: data publication resuming
0031922010/10/19David Maggert GUAM: data outage
0028982010/05/25David Maggert GUAM: data publication resuming
0021972009/01/28David Maggert GUAM: network outage repaired
0020922008/11/24David Maggert GUAM: data publishing resuming
0020872008/11/20Oivind Ruud GUAM: receiver swap and data halt
0015002007/10/12Oivind Ruud GUAM: data publishing has resumed
0014762007/09/28Oivind Ruud GUAM: data outage
0012922007/05/30Oivind Ruud GUAM: short data outage
0008792006/06/07Oivind Ruud GUAM: data publishing is resuming
0008572006/05/18Oivind Ruud GUAM: data outage
0008262006/04/21Nguyen Tuan Anh Please send us Coordinates in day 361 Year 2005 on Frame IGb00 of COCO, GUAM, IISC, SHAO, WUHN
0004102005/03/04Oivind Ruud GUAM: temporary Internet outages
0003412005/01/04victoria GUAM data outage
0003042004/11/30Oivind Ruud GUAM: temporary outage and data loss
0002482004/10/11Oivind Ruud GUAM: data outage
0001322004/06/25Oivind Ruud GUAM: data outage
0000472004/06/25Oivind Ruud GUAM: data outage
0059372003/08/22Razmik Khachikyan GUAM 230 resubmitted
0056232003/01/30Dave Stowers GUAM returned to service
0055792002/12/18Dave Stowers SANT, PIMO, GUAM
0052562002/05/16Dave Stowers GUAM data outage d129-present
0043952000/09/18Dave Stowers GUAM data outage
0043792000/09/07Oivind Ruud GUAM: data outage
0041812000/04/25Dave Stowers GUAM, HRAO, MKEA GPS receiver changes
0039341999/11/03Dave GUAM, MKEA doy 305 resubmission
0038951999/10/11Dave TurboRogue L2 workaround at GUAM/SANT/MKEA/BOGT/YKRO
0028681996/12/17Keith GUAM receiver replacement
0028541996/11/25Keith GUAM tracking problem
0024081995/08/07Keith Guam and Fairbanks data outage
0024011995/08/01Keith New receiver at GUAM
0023741995/07/07Byron GUAM outages
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