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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

HOB2 Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0066372019/01/15GA GNSS Operation HOB2: Disruption [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
0059782016/11/27Zhou Ted HOB2: Frequency Standard Upgrade [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
0059702016/11/20Ruddick Ryan HOB2: Receiver Change [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
0050372014/08/19Ryan.Ruddick at g HOB2: Power Failure [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
0049842014/07/16Ryan.Ruddick at g HOB2: Firmware Upgrade [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
0047332013/12/16Nicholas.Dando at FW: HOB2 external frequency H-maser swapover [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
0045762013/07/04Nicholas.Dando at Re: HOB2 external frequency issue. [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]
0041662012/08/14Nicholas.Dando at Re: HOB2 NASA H-maser issues [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]
0036932011/09/12ryan.ruddick at g HOB2: Proposed Change to H-Maser
0036362011/08/10ryan.ruddick at g HOB2: Planned Disruption
0031742010/10/10nicholas.dando at HOB2: Firmware upgrade
0030192010/07/28ryan.ruddick at g HOB2: Firmware Upgrade
0029632010/07/03ryan.ruddick at g HOB2: Data Outage
0028472010/05/03ryan.ruddick at g HOB2: Firmware Upgrade
0025982009/11/10Michael.Moore at HOB2 data outage and planned local tie survey [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
0024162009/07/06Ryan.Ruddick at g HOB2: Firmware Upgrade
0021232008/12/15Michael.Moore at HOB2 receiver change [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
0016732008/03/19Michael.Moore at HOB2: Communication Outage [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
0009742006/10/17Michael.Moore at HOB2: outage
0006062005/10/03Michael.Moore at HOB2 receiver change
0062712004/03/30Bob.Twilley at ga HOB2 Oscillator change back to Hydrogen Maser
0062652004/03/25Bob.Twilley at ga HOB2 Oscillator change
0051892002/04/01Digney, Paul HOB2 Receiver change and Data outage
0049072001/09/23Digney, Paul HOB2 Data Outage
0048502001/08/16Digney, Paul HOB2 Operational
0048322001/08/08Twilley, Bob HOB2 data outage
0046282001/03/29Digney, Paul HOB2 Data Outage
0046292001/03/29Digney, Paul HOB2 Data Outage
0043892000/09/12Digney, Paul HOB2 Data problems - Data Resubmitted
0043852000/09/10Digney, Paul HOB2 Data problems
0043262000/07/26Twilley, Bob HOB2 Data Outage, Receiver Change
0042432000/05/31Twilley, Bob HOB2 Data available
0042342000/05/28Twilley, Bob HOB2 data outage
0041692000/04/13Twilley, Bob HOB2 operational
0041672000/04/12Twilley, Bob HOB2 Power outage
0041132000/03/12Twilley, Bob HOB2
0039721999/11/29Bob HOB2 receiver change
0037941999/08/16Bob HOB2 Firmware Upgrade
0037591999/07/25Bob HOB2 Data outage day 206
0035421999/02/18Bob HOB2 Data Outage
0034721998/12/16Bob Hobart GPS HOB2
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