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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

ISPA Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0040722012/06/19Nic Flores ISPA: communications link down
0037412011/10/25David Maggert ISPA: recent data outage
0032962011/01/13David Maggert ISPA: Aug-Dec 2010 data published
0032652010/12/15David Maggert ISPA: data publication resuming
0030352010/08/03David Maggert ISPA: poor network connection again
0030252010/07/30David Maggert ISPA: previous data posted with some data gaps
0030032010/07/23David Maggert ISPA: data publication resuming
0029402010/06/19David Maggert ISPA: data outage
0028842010/05/18David Maggert ISPA: data publication resuming
0025672009/10/16David Maggert ISPA: data publication resuming
0023772009/06/16David Maggert ISPA: missing data posted
0023672009/06/10David Maggert ISPA: data publication resuming
0022692009/03/05David Maggert ISPA: data outage
0021582009/01/06David Maggert ISPA: data outage
0017812008/05/27Oivind Ruud ISPA: data outage
0015452007/11/12Oivind Ruud ISPA: data outage
0015222007/10/29Oivind Ruud ISPA: backlogged data has been published
0014812007/10/02Oivind Ruud ISPA: data publishing is resuming
0013102007/06/21Oivind Ruud ISPA: update on data publishing from Easter Island
0012042007/03/30Oivind Ruud ISPA: receiver problems
0010972007/01/23Oivind Ruud ISPA: data outage
0008762006/06/05Oivind Ruud ISPA: data publishing back on
0008682006/05/26Oivind Ruud ISPA: data outage
0005412005/08/03Oivind Ruud ISPA: short data outage today
0005072005/06/28Oivind Ruud ISPA: data publishing resuming
0005032005/06/27Oivind Ruud ISPA: data outage
0003752005/02/03Oivind Ruud ISPA: network outage
0002052004/09/03Oivind Ruud ISPA: data publishing back on
0001932004/08/25Oivind Ruud ISPA: network outage to Easter Island station
0062702004/03/29Oivind Ruud ISPA: new Easter Island Station
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