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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

KOKB Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0067652019/05/03Shakhbandaryan, T KOKB receiver replaced
0066762019/02/14Stowers, David A KOKB, KOKV, HAL1 outages
0048352014/03/18Stowers, David A Survey activity at Kokee Park Observatory (KOKB/KOKV) March 18 2014
0046582013/09/18Andrea Prantner KOKB/KOKV/KOKC data outages and updated KOKB log
0042972012/11/26Stowers, David A KOKB/V station activity
0028702010/05/13Khachikyan, Razmi KOKB Hydrogen Maser change
0027992010/04/07David Maggert KOKB: data outage
0025802009/10/27Stowers, David A KOKB external frequency reference change, DOY 291
0019962008/10/07Oivind Ruud KOKB: updated log submitted to the CB
0018572008/07/16Oivind Ruud KOKB: data outage
0016952008/04/01Oivind Ruud KOKB: receiver change
0014842007/10/04Oivind Ruud KOKB: activities around antenna have been concluded
0014752007/09/28Oivind Ruud KOKB: upcoming activities and possible interference
0013652007/07/19Oivind Ruud KOKB: H-MASER switch complete
0013612007/07/17Oivind Ruud KOKB: upcoming Maser clock switch
0009902006/11/09Razmik Khachikyan KOKB Maser switch
0003482005/01/14Oivind Ruud KOKB: log with updated coordinates
0003282004/12/14Oivind Ruud KOKB: data ADVISORY, receiver problems
0001232004/06/16"Ferland, R& IGb00 Review - KOKB
0000372004/06/16"Ferland, R& IGb00 Review - KOKB
0000182004/05/28Oivind Ruud KOKB: data publishing resumes, new antenna + cable
0001062004/05/28Oivind Ruud KOKB: data publishing resumes, new antenna + cable
0000122004/05/18Oivind Ruud KOKB: equipment swap and temporary data outage
0001002004/05/18Oivind Ruud KOKB: equipment swap and temporary data outage
0055242002/11/08"Ferland, R& RF KOKB coordinates discontinuity
0054892002/10/15Dave Stowers KOKB equipment replacement
0051982002/04/03Dave Stowers KOKB (receiver/antenna replaced)
0050592002/01/11Razmik Khachikyan KOKB 008 data resubmitted
0050452002/01/07Dave Stowers KOKB antenna disturbance (d007, 18:20UTC)
0038551999/09/09Dave FAIR/KOKB offload scheme change
0037581999/07/23Dave KOKB receiver change
0033551998/08/11Martin KOKB maser
0027751996/08/01Keith KOKB Antenna change
0026531996/04/18Keith Resubmittal of KOKB files for days 104,106,and 108
0026301996/03/26Keith Resubmittal of data for GOLD KOKB MADR MCM4 and TIDB
0025531996/01/11Keith Receiver change at KOKB
0019681994/05/10Steve Fair, JPLM, and Kokb station.log updates
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