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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

KOUR Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0069652020/01/28Mark van Kints (e KOUR - FW upgrade to 5.3.2
0068802019/10/14Mark van Kints (e KOUR - Receiver and Antenna upgrade
0078342019/10/14Mark van Kints (e KOUR - Receiver and Antenna upgrade
0059482016/10/21mark.van.kints at KOUR FW upgrade
0044822013/04/11mark.van.kints at KOUR: new firmware
0043522013/01/02mark.van.kints at MAS1, KOUR, NNOR missing data for DoY 366
0043062012/11/29mark.van.kints at KOUR: Correction of antenna UP eccentricity
0042902012/11/22mark.van.kints at KOUR: upgrade of antenna and receiver
0029062010/05/27Pedro.Alfaro at e KOUR data gap 10137-10144
0028862010/05/20Javier.Tegedor at KOUR communications down
0024012009/06/26Pedro.Alfaro at e Firmware of KOUR upgraded
0023142009/03/26Pedro.Alfaro at e Historic clock information of PERT, NNOR, MAS1 and KOUR added
0017502008/05/14Javier.Tegedor at KOUR firmware upgrade
0017052008/04/08Javier.Tegedor at KOUR firmware upgrade
0013182007/06/28Javier.Tegedor at KOUR receiver&antenna replacement
0010272006/12/04Javier.Tegedor at KOUR receiver replacement
0009622006/10/12Carlos.Garcia-Mar KOUR and KOU1 station updates
0051052002/02/07Carlos.Garcia-Mar Kourou receivers (KOUR and KOU1)
0049812001/11/21Ignacio.Romero at KOUR station out of commission
0048882001/09/10Ignacio.Romero at KOUR day 252 resubmitted
0047812001/07/06Ignacio.Romero at PERT and KOUR frequency standard
0045112000/12/12Ignacio.Romero at KIRU, KOUR, VILL resubmissions
0044962000/12/04Ignacio.Romero at KIRU, KOUR, VILL Rinex resubmissions
0044522000/10/27Ignacio.Romero at KOUR Z12 External Frequency Change
0043372000/08/01iromero at esoc.e Resubmission KIRU, KOUR, VILL, PERT for day 213
0042612000/06/15iromero at esoc.e KIRU, KOUR, PERT, VILL data resubmissions
0042232000/05/23iromero at esoc.e KIRU, KOUR, PERT, VILL Station resubmissions
0041392000/03/27iromero at esoc.e KOUR resubmitted (084, 085, 086)
0041282000/03/14iromero at esoc.e KOUR, KIRU, PERT, VILL resubmitted
0041182000/03/14iromero at esoc.e KOUR, KIRU, PERT, VILL resubmitted
0021111994/10/07ESOC Status of KOUR and KIRU
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