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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

MAT1 Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0064862018/07/25GeoDAF MAT1 firmware update
0061802017/07/07GeoDAF MATE data resubmissione and MATE,MAT1 Rinex 3
0061772017/07/05GeoDAF MAT1 receiver replacement
0061732017/07/03GeoDAF MATE and MAT1 data interruption
0061682017/06/28GeoDAF MATE and MAT1 data resuming
0061652017/06/26GeoDAF MATE and MAT1 data interruption
0061562017/06/12Pacione Rosa MATE/MAT1 data interruption
0047222013/12/03geodaf at hp835.m MAT1 clock reference
0031352010/09/24GeoDAF Administra MATE and MAT1 Frequency Standard
0031282010/09/17GeoDAF Administra MATE and MAT1 Frequency Standard
0029342010/06/16GeoDAF Administra Planned outage: stations aqui cagl elba geno lamp mat1 mate medi milo not1 and GeoDAF LDC
0016082007/12/19Colucci Giuseppe MAT1 possible GLONASS (only) data outage
0009692006/10/16Colucci Giuseppe I: MAT1 problems
0009642006/10/13Colucci Giuseppe MAT1 problems
0009252006/09/20Colucci Giuseppe I: MAT1 Glonass data
0009132006/09/15Colucci Giuseppe MAT1 Glonass data
0067692006/08/25Colucci Giuseppe data flow from CAGL GENO MATE MAT1 MEDI interrupted
0008392006/05/02Giuseppe Colucci MATE and MAT1 external frequency
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