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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

MDVO Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0054392015/09/18David Maggert IGS stations decommissioned: CAGL, CAGZ, CCJM, CFAG, DUBR, KOSG, MDVO, OSJE, SLOR, TRAB, UMTA, UNFE
0009902015/09/18David Maggert IGS stations decommissioned: CAGL, CAGZ, CCJM, CFAG, DUBR, KOSG, MDVO, OSJE, SLOR, TRAB, UMTA, UNFE
0052722002/05/26Boudewijn Ambrosi KOSG, WSRT, IRKT, MDVO and NTUS data update
0050962002/02/01Boudewijn Ambrosi MDVO data resubmitted
0042842000/07/04Boudewijn Ambrosi KOSG, WSRT, NTUS, IRKT and MDVO data delays
0041052000/03/07Boudewijn Ambrosi Updated site log for MDVO
0040742000/02/09Boudewijn Ambrosi MDVO, IRKT data delayed
0037251999/07/05DEOS/DUT KOSG, WSRT, IRKT and MDVO data delay
0036801999/06/14DEOS/DUT Updated log files for MDVO and IRKT
0035841999/03/19DEOS/DUT MDVO resubmission of days 75 - 77
0033441998/07/31DEOS/DUT Late delivery of MDVO data
0032541998/04/27DEOS/DUT Missing IRKT and MDVO data
0030941997/11/14DEOS/DUT Late delivery of MDVO data
0029931997/06/13DEOS/DUT Delay of IRKT and MDVO data submissions
0029261997/02/27DUT KOSG, IRKT and MDVO data delay...
0028761997/01/03DUT Resubmission of MDVO data
0028371996/10/23DUT Power outage at MDVO
0028351996/10/21DUT MDVO data for DOY 291 resubmitted
0028021996/09/16DUT MDVO day 252 and 253 data resubmitted
0027611996/07/16Boudewijn MDVO data for days 193 and 194 resubmitted
0026231996/03/21Boudewijn MDVO data for days 71-75 resubmitted
0025341995/12/18DUT Erroneous MDVO data
0024961995/11/27DUT MDVO H-maser reconnected; new height info
0024661995/10/25DUT Mendeleevo (MDVO) H-maser status
0024591995/10/11Boudewijn Changes at Mendeleevo (MDVO)
0023281995/05/19Boudewijn MDVO data outage (2nd try)
0022601995/02/24DUT New site (MDVO) at Mendeleevo near Moscow
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