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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

METS Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0051332014/11/06David Maggert Fwd: METS: External clock disconnected due to bad signal quality
0046262013/08/28Tomi Tenhunen METS: Antenna cable changed
0045692013/06/28Tomi Tenhunen METS: Antenna changed
0040042012/04/26Tomi Tenhunen METS: Station back online
0039722012/04/05Tomi Tenhunen METS: corrupt data DOY088
0039712012/04/05Tomi Tenhunen METS: corrupt data DOY088
0039692012/04/04Tomi Tenhunen METS: down for maintenance
0038292012/01/02Tomi Tenhunen METS: Data gaps in DOY360-DOY361
0036682011/08/25Tuomo Kröger METS: Server problems
0036392011/08/16Tuomo Kröger METS: Server problems
0035332011/06/08Tuomo Kröger METS: Data submitted on DOY 155-158
0032132010/11/03Tomi Tenhunen METS: Data gaps in DOY303-DOY306
0031942010/10/20Tomi Tenhunen METS: Data gaps in DOY288-DOY291
0031012010/09/09Tomi Tenhunen METS: Station back online
0030802010/08/31Tomi Tenhunen METS: Down for maintenance
0030632010/08/22Tomi Tenhunen METS: Antenna changed and back online
0030442010/08/10Tomi Tenhunen METS: corrupt data DOY198 - DOY204
0030302010/08/03Tuomo Kröger METS: Data re-published
0030082010/07/26Tuomo Kröger METS: Temporarily down
0030012010/07/23Tuomo Kröger METS: Antenna problem
0029922010/07/19Tuomo Kröger METS: Back online
0029912010/07/18Tuomo Kröger METS: Back onlilne
0029822010/07/12Tomi Tenhunen METS: Receiver problems
0024902009/08/24Tomi Tenhunen METS: Recovered from receiver failure
0021522009/01/01Tomi Tenhunen METS: DOY 360 - 364 data lost
0019632008/09/22Tomi Tenhunen METS: Receiver change
0018882008/08/13Robert Khachikyan [Fwd: METS: DOY 224 -226 data lost]
0023121995/04/27Ketil Data from METS
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