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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

ONSA Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0057462016/05/01Swepos Driften ONS1 and ONSA stations
0055112015/11/17Swepos Driften ONSA, SPTO Firmware update
0053362015/07/08Swepos Driften VB: ONSA: Operational again
0052952015/05/22Swepos Driften ONSA: Outage
0052312015/03/12Swepos Driften ONSA DOY 071 - corrupt data
0052242015/03/05Swepos Driften ONSA: Troubleshooting
0047692014/01/20Swepos Driften KIR0, MAR6, ONSA, VIS0: Updated sitelogs
0047652014/01/14Swepos Driften ONSA, VIS0: Updated sitelogs
0047062013/11/06Swepos Driften ONSA: Updated sitelog
0046272013/08/28Swepos Driften ONSA: Updated sitelog
0046252013/08/28Swepos Driften ONSA: Removal of radome
0045772013/07/05Swepos Driften ONSA: maitennance/Antenna remove-restore / data
0045722013/07/03Swepos Driften ONSA: planned maitennance/Antenna remove-restore / data
0038512012/01/17Swepos Driften ONSA receiver change
0036552011/08/22Swepos Driften KIR0, SPT0, ONSA, MAR6 and VIS0 resubmitted, DOY 232
0036002011/07/21Swepos Driften KIR0, SPT0, ONSA, MAR6 and VIS0 resubmitted, DOY 202
0035962011/07/21Swepos Driften KIR0, SPT0, ONSA, MAR6 and VIS0 resubmitted, DOY 201
0035652011/06/29Swepos Driften KIR0, MAR6, ONSA, SPT0, VIS0: DOY179 resubmitted
0034942011/05/10Swepos Driften KIR0, MAR6, VIS0, SPT0 and ONSA resubmitted, DoY 129
0033922011/03/02Swepos Driften KIR0, SPT0, ONSA, MAR6 and VIS0 resubmitted, DOY 060
0033312011/02/01Swepos Driften KIR0, SPT0, ONSA, MAR6 and VIS0 resubmitted, DOY 032
0030982010/09/08Swepos Driften VIS0, MAR6, KIR0, SPT0 and ONSA resubmitted, DoY 250
0031002010/09/08Swepos Driften VIS0, MAR6, KIR0, SPT0 and ONSA resubmitted, DoY 251
0029462010/06/24Swepos Driften ONSA resubmitted, DoY 175
0028552010/05/05Swepos Driften KIR0, MAR6, ONSA, SPT0 and VIS0: DOY 124 resubmitted
0028112010/04/18Swepos Driften ONSA resubmitted, DoY 107
0026282009/12/10Swepos Driften ONSA, KIR0, MAR6, SPT0, VIS0 resubmitted, DOY 343 and DOY 344
0026132009/12/01Swepos Driften ONSA, KIR0, MAR6, SPT0, VIS0 resubmitted, DoY 335
0026042009/11/22Swepos Driften ONSA resubmitted, DoY 326
0025512009/10/06Swepos Driften VIS0, MAR6, ONSA, SPT0, KIR0: DOY 279 resubmitted
0025112009/09/07Swepos Driften ONSA: Network problems
0025132009/09/07Swepos Driften ONSA resubmitted, DoY 247 and DoY 249
0025142009/09/07Swepos Driften ONSA: network problems
0025102009/09/06Swepos Driften VIS0 and ONSA resubmitted, DOY 248
0025012009/08/31Swepos Driften ONSA, SPT0, VIS0, KIR0, MAR6 resubmitted, DoY 240
0024172009/07/08Swepos Driften VIS0, KIR0, ONSA and MAR6: DOY 188 resubmitted
0023692009/06/12Swepos Driften ONSA: data publication resuming
0023002009/03/19Swepos Driften KIR0, MAR6, ONSA and VIS0 : DOY 077 resubmitted
0022702009/03/05Swepos Driften VIS0: DOY 064 and KIR0: DOY 064 and ONSA: DOY 64 resubmitted
0022622009/03/03Swepos Driften VIS0 SPT0 and ONSA: DOY 062 resubmitted
0022472009/02/25Swepos Driften VIS0 and ONSA resubmitted, DoY 055
0022452009/02/23Swepos Driften VIS0 and ONSA resubmitted, DoY 054
0022432009/02/22Swepos Driften VIS0 and ONSA resubmitted, DoY 053
0022372009/02/16Swepos Driften ONSA: DOY 047 resubmitted
0022352009/02/15Swepos Driften VIS0, ONSA: DOY 047 resubmitted
0022292009/02/10Swepos Driften VIS0 and ONSA: DOY 041 resubmitted
0022182009/02/05Swepos Driften VIS0 and ONSA: DOY 036 resubmitted
0022092009/02/02Swepos Driften VIS0 and ONSA: DOY 033 resubmitted
0021742009/01/13Swepos Driften ONSA: DOY 013 resubmitted
0021702009/01/12Swepos Driften ONSA: DOY 011 resubmitted
0021452008/12/27Swepos Driften ONSA: VIS0: DOY 361 resubmitted
0021412008/12/22Swepos Driften MAR6, ONSA and VIS0: DOY 357 resubmitted
0021352008/12/21Swepos Driften MAR6, ONSA and VIS0: DOY 356 resubmitted
0021172008/12/10Swepos Driften KIR0. ONSA, VIS0: DOY 345 resubmitted
0020372008/11/05Swepos Driften MAR6, ONSA, VIS0: DOY 309 resubmitted
0020082008/10/15Swepos Driften KIR0, MAR6, ONSA, SPT0 and VIS0 : DOY 288 resubmitted
0019762008/09/26Swepos Driften VIS0 and ONSA : DOY 269 resubmitted
0019712008/09/25Swepos Driften VIS0, SPT0 and ONSA : DOY 268 resubmitted
0018552008/07/15Swepos Driften KIR0, MAR6, ONSA & VIS0: DOY 197 resubmitted
0018422008/07/09Swepos Driften ONSA: DOY 191 resubmitted
0018022008/06/19Swepos Driften KIR0, MAR6, VIS0, SPT0 & ONSA: DOY 170 resubmitted
0017942008/06/16Swepos Driften VIS0 & ONSA: DOY 167 resubmitted
0017972008/06/16Swepos Driften VIS0 & ONSA: DOY 168 resubmitted
0017602008/05/16Swepos Driften ONSA: Firmware upgrade - corrected site log
0017522008/05/14Swepos Driften ONSA: Firmware upgrade
0017362008/05/03Swepos Driften MAR6, ONSA and KIR0 DOY 123 resubmitted
0016742008/03/20Swepos Driften KIR0, MAR6, ONSA: DOY 079 resubmitted
0016602008/03/13Swepos Driften MAR6 and ONSA: DOY 072 resubmitted
0016222008/01/03Swepos Driften SPT0 resubmitted, ONSA data gap: DOY 003
0016202008/01/02Swepos Driften KIR0, ONSA: DOY 002 resubmitted
0016072007/12/19Swepos Driften ONSA: DOY 352 data gaps
0016042007/12/18Swepos Driften KIR0, MAR6, ONSA, SPT0, VIS0: Coming outage
0015542007/11/20Swepos Driften KIR0, ONSA, MAR6, SPT0, VIS0: DOY 323 resubmitted
0015492007/11/15Swepos Driften ONSA: DOY 319 Data gaps
0015302007/11/02Swepos Driften ONSA: Receiver change
0015182007/10/29Swepos Driften KIR0, SPT0, ONSA, VIS0, MAR6: DOY 301 resubmitted
0014912007/10/09Swepos Driften ONSA: Data gap DOY 281
0014952007/10/09Swepos Driften ONSA: DOY 282 resubmitted
0014892007/10/06Swepos Driften KIR0, MAR6, ONSA, SPT0, VIS0: DOY 278 resubmitted
0014862007/10/05Swepos Driften ONSA: Data gap DOY 277
0014802007/10/02Swepos Driften MAR6, ONSA, VIS0, KIR0 and SPT0: DOY 274 resubmitted
0014782007/09/30Swepos Driften MAR6 and ONSA: DOY 272 resubmitted
0014772007/09/29Swepos Driften MAR6 and ONSA: DOY 271 resubmitted
0014722007/09/26Swepos Driften MAR6 and ONSA: DOY 269 resubmitted
0014682007/09/25Swepos Driften MAR6, VIS0 and ONSA resubmitted, DoY 267
0014652007/09/21Swepos Driften ONSA, KIR0, MAR6, SPT0 and VIS0 resubmitted, DoY 263
0014572007/09/20Swepos Driften ONSA and MAR6 resubmitted, DoY 262
0014562007/09/18Swepos Driften ONSA, MAR6, VIS0, SPT0 and KIR0 resubmitted, DoY 260
0014532007/09/17Swepos Driften ONSA and MAR6 resubmitted, DoY 259
0014512007/09/14Swepos Driften ONSA, KIR0, MAR6, SPT0 and VIS0 resubmitted, DoY 256
0014452007/09/11Swepos Driften ONSA, KIR0, MAR6, SPT0 and VIS0 resubmitted, DoY 253
0014312007/09/04Swepos Driften ONSA and KIR0 resubmitted, DoY 247
0014252007/08/29Swepos Driften ONSA resubmitted, DoY 241
0014082007/08/22Swepos Driften ONSA: DOY 234 resubmitted
0013732007/07/24Swepos Driften ONSA: DOY 204 resubmitted
0013682007/07/22Swepos Driften ONSA: DOY 202 resubmitted
0013662007/07/19Swepos Driften onsa resubmitted, DoY 200
0013122007/06/23Swepos Driften KIR0, MAR6, ONSA, SPT0, VIS0 resubmitted, DoY 173
0013052007/06/17Swepos Driften Onsa resubmitted, DoY 167
0012892007/05/28Swepos Driften Onsa resubmitted, DoY 147
0012822007/05/21Swepos Driften Onsa resubmitted, DoY 141
0012582007/04/29Swepos Driften Onsa resubmitted, DoY 119
0012392007/04/16Swepos Driften onsa data gaps, DoY 106
0011772007/03/11Swepos Driften ONSA resubmitted, DoY 070
0011752007/03/10Swepos Driften ONSA resubmitted, DoY 068
0011712007/03/08Swepos Driften ONSA resubmitted, DoY 066
0011232007/02/04Swepos Driften Onsa resubmitted, DoY 034
0011162007/01/31Swepos Driften Onsa resubmitted, DoY 031
0010602006/12/26Swepos Driften ONSA resubmitted, DoY 359
0010472006/12/18Swepos Driften ONSA resubmitted, DoY 351
0009962006/11/13Swepos Driften ONSA resubmitted, DOY 317
0009822006/10/29Swepos Driften VIS0, SPT0, MAR6, ONSA,KIR0 resubmitted, DoY 302
0009792006/10/19Swepos Driften ONSA resubmitted, DoY 292
0009772006/10/18Swepos Driften ONSA resubmitted, DoY 291
0009472006/10/09Swepos Driften SPT0, ONSA resubmitted, DoY 281
0009412006/10/04Swepos Driften SPT0, ONSA resubmitted, DoY 277
0008852006/06/13Swepos Driften ONSA resubmitted, DoY 164
0008632006/05/22Swepos Driften ONSA resubmitted, DoY 142
0008312006/04/24Swepos Driften KIR0, SPT0, ONSA, MAR6 and VIS0 resubmitted, DoY 114
0008082006/03/31Swepos Driften ONSA DoY 089 resubmitted
0008042006/03/29Swepos Driften SPT0, ONSA, MAR6 and KIR0 DoY 086 resubmitted
0008032006/03/29Swepos Driften ONSA DoY 087 resubmitted
0008052006/03/29Swepos Driften ONSA DoY 088 resubmitted
0008012006/03/28Swepos Driften SPT0, ONSA, VIL0 and KIR0 DoY 086 resubmitted
0007542006/02/19Swepos Driften ONSA, SPT0, VIS0 doy 050 resubmitted
0007292006/01/30Swepos Driften MAR6, ONSA, VIS0, KIR0 and SPT0: DOY 029 resubmitted
0007182006/01/20Swepos Driften MAR6, ONSA and SPT0: DOY 019 resubmitted
0007012006/01/12Swepos Driften MAR6, ONSA, KIR0, VIS0 and SPT0 day 011 resubmitted
0006932006/01/07Swepos Driften MAR6, ONSA and SPT0 day 006 resubmitted
0006892006/01/04Swepos Driften KIR0, MAR6, ONSA, SPT0 and VIS0 day 003 resubmitted
0006862005/12/26Swepos Driften ONSA day 359 resubmitted
0006442005/11/05Swepos Driften KIR0, MAR6, ONSA, SPT0 and VIS0 day 308 resubmitted
0006362005/10/31Swepos Driften KIR0, MAR6, ONSA, SPT0 and VIS0 (Sweden) day 304 resubmitted
0006242005/10/18Swepos Driften KIR0, MAR6, ONSA, SPT0, and VIS0 (Sweden) day 291 resubmitted
0006182005/10/12Swepos Driften ONSA day 285 resubmitted
0006122005/10/12Swepos Driften KIR0 and ONSA day 284 resubmitted
0006082005/10/04Swepos Driften ONSA day 277 resubmitted
0005852005/09/15Swepos Driften ONSA day 258 resubmitted
0005722005/08/31Swepos Drift KIR, ONSA, MAR6, SPT0, VIS (Sweden) day 242 resubmitted
0005392005/08/01Swepos Drift KIR0, ONSA, SPT0, VIS0 (Sweden) day 213 resubmitted
0005362005/07/30Swepos Drift ONSA (Sweden) day 210 resubmitted
0005342005/07/29Swepos Drift ONSA (Sweden) day 209 resubmitted
0005172005/07/08Swepos Drift ONSA and SPT0 (Sweden) day 188 resubmitted
0005082005/06/28SWEPOS Driften ONSA (Sweden) day 179 resubmitted
0004842005/05/24SWEPOS Driften ONSA (Sweden) day 144 resubmitted
0004802005/05/19SWEPOS Driften SPT0 and ONSA (Sweden) day 139 resubmitted
0004672005/05/10SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 (Sweden) day 129 resubmitted
0004262005/03/31SWEPOS Driften ONSA (Sweden) day 089 resubmitted
0003962005/02/27SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 (Sweden) day 057 resubmitted
0003772005/02/04SWEPOS Driften ONSA (Sweden) day 034 resubmitted
0003722005/02/01SWEPOS Driften ONSA (Sweden) day 031 resubmitted
0003652005/01/27SWEPOS Driften ONSA (Sweden) day 027 resubmitted
0003462005/01/12SWEPOS Driften ONSA (Sweden) day 009-010 resubmitted
0003392005/01/01SWEPOS Driften ONSA (Sweden) day 366 resubmitted
0003312004/12/16SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 (Sweden) day 350 resubmitted
0003272004/12/13SWEPOS Driften ONSA (Sweden) day 348 resubmitted
0003152004/12/06SWEPOS Driften ONSA (Sweden) day 341 resubmitted
0002512004/10/13SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 (Sweden) day 286 resubmitted
0002502004/10/12SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 (Sweden) day 285 resubmitted
0002402004/10/06SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 (Sweden) day 279 resubmitted
0002362004/10/02SWEPOS Driften ONSA (Sweden) day 275 resubmitted
0002192004/09/17SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 (Sweden) day 260 resubmitted
0002172004/09/16SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 (Sweden) day 253 resubmitted
0001982004/08/30SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 (Sweden) day 243 resubmitted
0001962004/08/30SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 (Sweden) day 242 resubmitted
0001742004/08/09SWEPOS Driften ONSA (Sweden) day 221 resubmitted
0000862004/07/25SWEPOS Driften ONSA (Sweden) day 201 resubmitted
0001672004/07/25SWEPOS Driften ONSA (Sweden) day 201 resubmitted
0000802004/07/20SWEPOS Driften SPT0 and ONSA (Sweden) day 201 resubmitted
0001602004/07/19SWEPOS Driften SPT0 and ONSA (Sweden) day 200 resubmitted
0000782004/07/19SWEPOS Driften SPT0 and ONSA (Sweden) day 200 resubmitted
0000672004/07/10SWEPOS Driften SPT0 and ONSA (Sweden) day 191 resubmitted
0001502004/07/10SWEPOS Driften SPT0 and ONSA (Sweden) day 191 resubmitted
0062502004/03/12SWEPOS Driften Receiver changed at ONSA
0061772004/01/25SWEPOS Driften ONSA day 025 resubmitted
0061462004/01/04SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 day 003 resubmitted
0061332003/12/16SWEPOS Driften ONSA (Onsala, Sweden) day 349, resubmitted
0061112003/11/30SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 day 334 resubmitted
0061102003/11/29SWEPOS Driften ONSA day 332 resubmitted
0061032003/11/27SWEPOS Driften SPT0, ONSA, day 330 resubmitted
0060802003/11/17SWEPOS Driften ONSA 318, 319 resubmitted
0059872003/09/25SWEPOS Driften SPT0, ONSA, day 267 resubmitted
0059852003/09/23SWEPOS Driften SPT0, ONSA, day 265 resubmitted
0059752003/09/17SWEPOS Driften SPT0, ONSA, day 259 resubmitted
0059722003/09/16SWEPOS Driften SPT0, ONSA, day 258 resubmitted
0059672003/09/11SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 for day 253 resubmitted
0059652003/09/10SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 252 resubmitted
0059612003/09/09SWEPOS Driften Day 248, ONSA resubmitted
0059582003/09/08SWEPOS Driften Day: (248), 249, 250. Station: ONSA, resubmitted
0059542003/09/04SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 resubmitted
0059512003/09/02SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 245 resubmitted
0059292003/08/18SWEPOS Driften Onsa 229 resubmitted
0059272003/08/15SWEPOS Driften ONSA 227 resubmitted
0059252003/08/14SWEPOS Driften ONSA 225 resubmitted
0059102003/08/03SWEPOS Driften ONSA 214 resubmitted
0059012003/07/29SWEPOS Driften ONSA 208,209 resubmitted
0058982003/07/27SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 207 resubmitted
0058942003/07/23SWEPOS Driften ONSA 204 resubmitted
0058922003/07/23SWEPOS Driften ONSA 203 submitted
0058802003/07/16SWEPOS Driften ONSA 194-196 resubmitted
0058592003/07/02SWEPOS Driften SPT0 Boras,ONSA resubmitted
0058552003/06/29SWEPOS Driften ONSA 179 resubmitted
0058542003/06/28SWEPOS Driften ONSA 178 resubmitted
0058372003/06/22SWEPOS Driften ONSA 171-172 submitted
0058182003/06/14SWEPOS Driften ONSA, 164 resubmitted
0058082003/06/12SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 160 resubmitted
0057722003/05/27SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 resubmitted
0057692003/05/23SWEPOS Driften onsa resubmitted, day 142
0057472003/05/11SWEPOS Driften ONSA 130 resubmitted
0057302003/04/29SWEPOS Driften Onsa 118 resubmitted
0057092003/04/04SWEPOS Driften Onsa 092 & Spt0 092 resubmitted
0056492003/02/24SWEPOS Driften Onsa 054 resubmitted
0056352003/02/11SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 041 submitted
0056172003/01/27SWEPOS Driften Onsa 026 resubmitted
0056162003/01/26SWEPOS Driften Onsa 025 resubmitted
0055652002/12/11SWEPOS Driften Onsa 344 resubmitted
0055492002/12/02SWEPOS Driften ONSA 335 resubmitted
0054952002/10/20SWEPOS Driften ONSA, SPT0 292 resubmitted
0054872002/10/11SWEPOS Driften Onsa 229 resubmitted
0054852002/10/10SWEPOS Driften Onsa 230 resubmitted
0054802002/10/07SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 resubmitted
0054682002/09/27SWEPOS Driften Onsa 269 resubmitted
0054612002/09/22SWEPOS Driften Onsa 264 resubmitted
0054542002/09/13SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 resubmitted
0054482002/09/08SWEPOS Driften ONSA resubmitted
0053942002/08/04SWEPOS Driften Onsa 214 resubmitted
0053812002/07/25SWEPOS Driften ONSA resubmitted
0053492002/07/07SWEPOS Driften ONSA 187 resubmitted
0053432002/07/02SWEPOS Driften Onsa 182 resubmitted
0053202002/06/18SWEPOS Driften Onsa and SPT0 168 resubmitted
0052972002/06/08SWEPOS Driften ONSA & SPT0 158 delayed
0052912002/06/05SWEPOS Driften ONSA and SPT0 resubmitted
0052152002/04/22SWEPOS Driften Onsa 111 resubmitted
0052042002/04/05SWEPOS Driften Onsa 094 resubmitted
0051952002/04/03SWEPOS Driften Onsa 092 resubmitted
0051682002/03/21SWEPOS Driften Onsa 079 resubmitted
0051262002/02/21SWEPOS Driften Onsa 051 resubmitted
0051092002/02/11SWEPOS Driften Onsa 042 was delayed
0050902002/01/28SWEPOS Driften Onsa 027 resubmitted
0050882002/01/27SWEPOS Driften Onsa 026 resubmitted
0050792002/01/23SWEPOS Driften Onsa 022 resubmitted
0050422002/01/04SWEPOS Driften Onsa 003 resubmitted
0050342002/01/02SWEPOS Driften Onsa & Spt0, day 001 submitted
0050312001/12/25SWEPOS Driften Onsa and Spt0 358 resubmitted
0050192001/12/16SWEPOS Driften Onsa 349 resubmitted
0050092001/12/06SWEPOS Driften Onsa 339 resubmitted
0050042001/12/03SWEPOS Driften Onsa 337 resubmitted
0049372001/10/22SWEPOS Driften Day 293+294 resubmitted for ONSA
0049232001/09/28SWEPOS Driften Onsa 270 resubmitted
0048782001/09/04SWEPOS Driften Onsa 246 resubmitted
0048622001/08/26SWEPOS Driften Onsa 237 resubmitted
0048522001/08/20SWEPOS Driften Onsa 231 submitted
0048412001/08/14SWEPOS Driften ONSA 225 resubmitted
0048332001/08/09SWEPOS Driften ONSA 220 resubmitted
0048122001/07/22SWEPOS Driften ONSA 203 resubmitted
0047932001/07/14SWEPOS Driften ONSA 194 resubmitted
0047872001/07/10SWEPOS Driften ONSA day 191 resubmitted
0047382001/06/01SWEPOS Driften ONSA 151 resubmitted
0047342001/05/31SWEPOS Driften New site-logs for onsa and spt0
0047022001/05/15SWEPOS Driften data gaps for ONSA 131-134
0046922001/05/08SWEPOS Driften ONSA 127 resubmitted
0046632001/04/19SWEPOS Driften ONSA 108 resubmitted
0046302001/03/30SWEPOS Driften Onsa 088 resubmitted
0046172001/03/23SWEPOS Driften Onsa, corrupted files fixed
0045002000/12/06SWEPOS Driften Clock steering at ONSA
0035131999/02/01Mats ONSA, No data for Feb 1
0035061999/01/22Jan ONSA receiver and radome change
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