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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

SCH2 Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0067322019/04/03Bernard, Curtis ( SCH2: Receiver change
0053742015/08/04Elson, Stuart SCH2: Antenna Cable Replacement on August 6
0049652014/06/30Donahue, Brian SCH2: dataflow resumed
0038992012/02/15Elson, Stuart SCH2: Receiver Switched to External Clock
0035222011/06/03Donahue, Brian SCH2: resubmission doy 126-149
0034902011/05/06Huot, Caroline SCH2 dataflow resume
0034362011/04/04Donahue, Brian ALGO, CHUR, SCH2 network connection restored
0034312011/04/01Donahue, Brian ALGO, CHUR, SCH2 network outage
0034192011/03/23Huot, Caroline SCH2 receiver problem
0028872010/05/20Huot, Caroline SCH2 data gap
0027872010/03/29Donahue, Brian HLFX, SCH2, VALD, WHIT, BAKE resubmitted, DoY 086
0026982010/01/29Donahue, Brian SCH2: position shift and snow removal
0026812010/01/18Huot, Caroline SCH2 corrupted data on DOY015
0026642010/01/04Huot, Caroline SCH2 data flow resumed
0025862009/11/02Huot, Caroline SCH2 back on line
0025622009/10/14Huot, Caroline SCH2 currently unavailable
0024292009/07/13Huot, Caroline SCH2 updated GPS daily files
0022632009/03/04Donahue, Brian SCH2 data problems and resubmission
0020272008/10/23Stephen Delahunt SCH2 - Antenna Replacement
0016182008/01/02Delahunt, Stephen SCH2 - Receiver Failure
0007522006/02/17Donahue, Brian SCH2: File submission resumed
0007352006/02/01Delahunt, Stephen SCH2 - Down since 06-Jan-25 18:35
0007322006/01/31Donahue, Brian SCH2: Corrupted files
0007302006/01/30Donahue, Brian SCH2: Corrupted hourly file sch2030t.06d.Z
0005772005/09/11ACS Operations Data Re-submission DOY 253/05sep10 PRDS SCH2 STJO WINN YELL
0060202003/10/15Peter Taylor Updated equipment for station SCH2
0060152003/10/10Gallace, Joe SCH2: Station is Down
0058142003/06/12Peter Taylor Updated equipment for station SCH2
0041322000/03/22Stephen Delahunt Data Resubmission NRC2 SCH2
0037741999/08/04Mark AOA SNR-12 ACT installed SCH2
0035961999/03/31Stephen SCH2
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