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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

STJO Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0069582020/01/22Elson, Stuart (NR STJO: Data Outage 2020_018_20 to 2020_022_22
0067072019/03/18Bernard, Curtis ( STJO: Firmware update
0064312018/04/30Elson, Stuart (NR STJO: Frequency Standard Changed Back to External H-Maser
0064302018/04/30Bernard, Curtis ( STJO: Frequency Standard Interruption
0062822017/10/17Bernard, Curtis ( STJO: Receiver Change
0062802017/10/16Elson, Stuart (NR STJO: Receiver Change Today at 18:49:00ut
0052292015/03/11Elson, Stuart NRC1, STJO, YELL - JAVAD Receiver Type Change
0051402014/11/18Elson, Stuart STJO: Firmware Upgrade Tomorrow
0049102014/05/26Elson, Stuart STJO: Receiver Change 2014-05-14
0048972014/05/14Elson, Stuart STJO: Receiver Change Today
0045972013/07/26Donahue, Brian STJO, NRC1, VALD: resubmission of the daily data files for 2013/200
0045742013/07/04Elson, Stuart STJO: Data Outage and Corrupt Data Files
0043842013/02/04Elson, Stuart STJO: Receiver, Antenna, Frequency Standard Upgrades
0043772013/01/29Elson, Stuart STJO: Station Upgrades
0043222012/12/11Elson, Stuart STJO - Receiver switched to internal clock
0031962010/10/20Donahue, Brian STJO - BAD data and resubmission
0031362010/09/24Huot, Caroline STJO data flow resume
0031342010/09/23Huot, Caroline STJO communications down
0028972010/05/25Donahue, Brian STJO - communication restored
0028912010/05/21Donahue, Brian STJO - communication failure
0027692010/03/18Huot, Caroline STJO change of equipment
0025232009/09/15Huot, Caroline New clock at STJO
0024812009/08/14Huot, Caroline STJO back online
0024782009/08/12Huot, Caroline STJO temporary unavailable
0023832009/06/18Huot, Caroline STJO Site problem
0015832007/12/10Delahunt, Stephen STJO - On Maser Effective 2007-Dec-07
0015772007/12/05Delahunt, Stephen STJO - Power Restored 2007-Dec-05 - on Internal Crystal Clock
0015732007/12/03Delahunt, Stephen STJO - Power Blackout 2007-Dec-03
0009422006/10/05Delahunt, Stephen STJO - UPS Failure - GPS Down Since 06Oct04
0009292006/09/25Delahunt, Stephen STJO - GPS Downtime Advisory 06Sep26 - 12:00-20:00 UTC- DOY 269
0006692005/12/08Peter Taylor Updated equipment for station STJO
0006332005/10/31Delahunt, Stephen STJO - Clock Switch - Maser Power Lost
0006342005/10/31Stephen Delahunt STJO - Updated Site Log - Clock Change
0005772005/09/11ACS Operations Data Re-submission DOY 253/05sep10 PRDS SCH2 STJO WINN YELL
0065502005/07/20Taylor, Peter Maser ay STJO
0003992005/03/01Delahunt, Stephen STJO - AC Power Outage
0004002005/03/01Delahunt, Stephen STJO - Power Restored ~15:45 UTC
0003302004/12/15Peter Taylor Updated equipment for station STJO
0003172004/12/07Peter Taylor Updated equipment for station STJO
0003092004/12/02Delahunt, Stephen STJO - Temporary Clock Switch - 04Dec03 (doy 338)
0003022004/11/29Stephen Delahunt STJO - Maser Clock Adjustment **Rescheduled** - 04Nov30 (doy 335)
0003012004/11/29Stephen Delahunt STJO - Maser Clock Adjustment - 04Nov29 (doy 334)
0002752004/11/10Peter Taylor Updated equipment for station STJO
0002762004/11/10Stephen Delahunt STJO - Clock Switch - ON MASER
0002732004/11/08Stephen Delahunt STJO - Maser Offline - Switched to Internal Receiver Clock
0000062004/05/10Stephen Delahunt STJO - Clock Adjustment 04May10 (DOY131) after 16:00UTC
0000952004/05/10Stephen Delahunt STJO - Clock Adjustment 04May10 (DOY131) after 16:00UTC
0000002004/05/03Steve Delahunt STJO - Power Outage - Maser Recovering
0062262004/02/25Peter Taylor Updated equipment for station STJO
0061222003/12/10Stephen Delahunt STJO - Maser Maintenance
0060972003/11/25Delahunt, Stephen STJO - Maser Maintenance
0059882003/09/25Peter Taylor Updated equipment for station STJO
0059622003/09/09Stephen Delahunt STJO - Receiver Failure 03sep08
0059052003/07/31Peter Taylor Updated equipment for station STJO
0058832003/07/18Peter Taylor Updated equipment for station STJO
0058502003/06/26Stephen Delahunt STJO - Advisory 03jun26
0058072003/06/11Peter Taylor Updated equipment for station STJO
0058042003/06/09Delahunt, Stephen STJO - Receiver Failure 03jun08 (DOY 159)
0055572002/12/04ACS data STJO: Site Log Resubmission - ERROR CORRECTION
0055542002/12/02ACS data STJO - New Site Log - H.Maser Freq. Std.
0054982002/10/23Stephen Delahunt STJO: Data Gap 02Oct22 (DOY 295)
0042392000/05/30Stephen Delahunt STJO: Data Resubmission
0042352000/05/29Peter Taylor Updated equipment for station STJO
0042202000/05/21Stephen Delahunt STJO: Data Outage
0037701999/08/03Mark Station STJO Receiver Change
0037671999/07/30Peter Updated equipment for station STJO
0037601999/07/26Peter Revised station log for STJO
0036891999/06/22Stephen STJO - Short Maitenance Outage 99jun22 (DOY173)
0035481999/02/23Peter Updated equipment for station STJO
0035291999/02/11Peter Updated equipment for station STJO
0034921999/01/13Stephen STJO: Clock Change (...not ALGO)
0034901999/01/12Peter Updated clock equipment for station STJO
0034881999/01/11Stephen STJO 99jan10 (DOY 010) Late Data Submission
0034241998/10/27Peter Updated equipment for station STJO
0033981998/09/21Peter Updated equipment for station STJO
0030111997/06/30Robert Logs updated for ALGO and STJO
0030061997/06/25Stephen STJO Data Now Available
0030001997/06/24Stephen STJO - Data Outage
0030021997/06/24Dann LOG File at CACS Site STJO
0029051997/01/31Stephen Receiver Change at STJO effective 97jan30 (DOY 030) 21
0028931997/01/16Stephen Resubmission of ALGO, CHUR, STJO & YELL for 96jan15 (DOY 015)
0028571996/11/28NRCan STJO data for Nov 26-27 (DOY 331-332)
0027981996/09/09Val STJO Late data submission for 96sep06
0027941996/08/30Stephen STJO Data Status Update
0027841996/08/19Stephen STJO Late Data Submission
0027811996/08/13Dann CACS Site at STJO
0027761996/08/01Robert Hardware replaced at STJO
0027591996/07/15Dann CACS Site at STJO
0026971996/05/21Dann CACS Site at STJO
0026981996/05/21Dann CACS Site at STJO
0026871996/05/13Stephen STJO Receiver Problems --> Gap in Data 96apr12 (DOY 133)
0026801996/05/07Dann STJO Missing Data on 96MAY06 (DOY 127)
0025931996/02/21Raj Error in resubmission of albh and stjo data
0025521996/01/11Raj clarification on resubmission of ALGO, STJO & YELL
0025511996/01/11Raj data resubmission ALGO, STJO & YELL
0024751995/11/01Robert Software upgrade at ALGO, YELL & STJO
0024411995/09/25Stephen Resubmission of data for STJO 95sep22 (DOY265)
0022761995/03/07Robert STJO TRACKING STATUS (retransmission)
0022691995/03/02Robert STJO data posted but use with caution
0022651995/03/01Robert Poor quality data at STJO
0022641995/02/28Robert STJO / CORRECTIONS TO INFO
0022561995/02/17Stephen STJO -Missing Data
0022541995/02/14Bhoj STJO -Missing Data
0022341995/02/01Robert STJO poor data
0021761994/12/13Bhoj STJO
0021711994/12/10Stephen YELL / STJO Data Problems
0021691994/12/08Robert Data Resubmission ALGO/STJO/YELL
0020091994/06/15Stephen Data for ALBH ALGO DRAO STJO YELL
0019791994/05/19Robert Tracking problems at STJO
0019691994/05/11Stephen STJO Data Shortfall
0019271994/03/29Robert Site Info Logs updated for STJO & YELL
0019131994/03/16Stephen ALGO, STJO & YELL Data Resubmissions
0019021994/03/07Robert STJO - Tracking problem on weekend
0018881994/02/28Robert STJO receiver changed
0018481994/02/03Robert STJO data resubmitted to CDDIS for 032/94
0017921993/12/17Robert STJO, ALGO and YELL
0016541993/06/17Pierre STJO - RINEX FORMAT ERROR
0015311992/12/23Mark Software Upgrade YELL STJO & Error In RINEX Files
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