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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

TRO1 Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0069702020/01/31Åsmund Steen Firmware upgrade TRO1, NYAL
0069022019/10/31Åsmund Steen TRO1, NYAL updated to FW 5.43
0068412019/08/29Åsmund Skj&# TRO1 firmware upgrade: 5.42
0065982018/12/09Åsmund Skj&# Missing data from NYAL, NYA1, TRO1
0065812018/11/29Åsmund Skj&# TRO1 upgraded to FW 5.37
0062782017/10/16Åsmund Skj&# TRO1 firmware upgrade
0061702017/06/30Åsmund Skj&# TRO1 upgraded to Trimble NetR9
0061672017/06/27Åsmund Skj&# Planned upgrade of TRO1 receiver on Friday 30th of June
0061002017/03/22Åsmund Skj&# Stations updated: TRO1, NYA1, NYAL
0060882017/03/03Åsmund Skj&# Firmware upgrade on TRO1
0060842017/03/01Åsmund Skj&# Planned firmware upgrade of station TRO1
0051922015/01/28Åsmund Skj&# Firmware upgrade: NYA1, OSLS, STAS, TRDS, TRO1, VARS
0030142010/07/28satref TRO1 - Hourly data missing
0030122010/07/27satref TRO1 - antenna change
0025072009/09/01Ingunn Skei NYA1, TRO1: New Firmware
0073122009/05/07Ingunn Skei TRO1: Reciver change
0021692009/01/12Mette Mæhle TROM and TRO1 - data lost
0021672009/01/09Mette Mæhle TROM and TRO1 - data lost
0016562008/03/12Ferland, Rém IGS05 Review - AMC2 - COCO - GLSV - HYDE - JAB1 - KIT3 - TRO1
0001822004/08/17"Ferland, R& IGb00 Review - TRO1
0001722004/08/10Mette Maehle Missing data from TRO1 and TROM
0063412004/07/13Svein Rekkeda New Site log for TRO1
0060592003/11/11Mette Maehle Delay of data from TROM - TRO1 - NYAL and NYA1
0059362003/08/22Mette Maehle Not correct data from TRO1 and TROM.
0057932003/06/02Mette Maehle No data from TROM and TRO1
0053092002/06/12Svein Rekkeda Logs on new format for NYAL, NYA1, TROM and TRO1
0051742002/03/25Mette Maehle Status TRO1 and TROM
0051662002/03/21Mette Maehle No data from TRO1 and TROM
0038451999/09/03Svein Data from TROM, TRO1,NYAL and NYA1
0035031999/01/20Svein Update of TRO1 log
0034991999/01/18via George Preiss TROMSO (TRO1) IGS STATION ANTENNA CHANGE
0032621998/05/02Svein THU1, TROM, TRO1, NYAL and NYA1 data for doy 121
0032581998/04/29Svein TROM, TRO1, NYAL and NYA1 data for doy 119
0032551998/04/27Svein TRO1 doy 117
0032531998/04/26Svein TROM & TRO1 data for doy 115
0032491998/04/24Svein THU1, TRO1, TROM, NYA1, NYAL data doy 113
0032411998/04/21Svein Late data from TROM, TRO1, NYAL and NYA1, no data from THU1
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