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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

USNO Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0006622013/10/01Hackman, Christin USNO AC production of IGS FInal Tropo Estimates, rapids and ultra-rapids during US govt shutdown
0046032013/08/09Giovanni Sella Log format corrections only to: BDOS BRFT BRMU ASPA CNMR EPRT BARH GUUG MANA USNO WUHN WES2 HNPT
0002772011/08/01Sharyl Byram IGS Final Troposphere product transition to USNO
0027772010/03/25Giovanni.Sella USNO data available shortly
0073482009/07/24Christine Hackman GPS data-analysis position at USNO
0023992009/06/24Giovanni.Sella USNO, BRMU, BDOS outage
0072782009/02/26Christine Hackman two GPS data-analysis positions at USNO
0018982008/08/22Giovanni.Sella USNO Receiver Change on 2008-08-19T16:07Z
0015812007/12/07Giovanni.Sella Status USNO and GUUG and MANA
0012182007/04/05Giovanni Sella USNO continued lack of data availability
0009952006/11/13Giovanni Sella Logs updated aspa barh bdos brft brmu cnmr eprt esti guat guug hnpt jama mana slor sol1 ssia usno wes
0051972002/04/03Jim Ray (USNO 202 more Radid station clocks from USNO
0051762002/03/26Jim Ray (USNO 202 USNO receiver changed
0051492002/03/11Jim Ray (USNO 202 USNO data flow
0051222002/02/20Urs Hugentobler Re: USNO <-> CODE ftp problem ???
0051192002/02/17Jim Ray (USNO 202 USNO <-> CODE ftp problem ???
0050662002/01/14Jim Ray (USNO 202 USNO back up
0050642002/01/13Jim Ray (USNO 202 USNO power restored, but ...
0050532002/01/10Jim Ray (USNO 202 USNO power outage on 12 January
0049202001/09/27Jim Ray (USNO 202 USNO data outage
0048752001/08/31Jim Ray (USNO 202 repaired USNO RINEX files
0048552001/08/21Jim Ray (USNO 202 new USNO met package
0044112000/09/27Jim Ray (USNO 202 USNO data gap
0043972000/09/19Jim Ray (USNO 202 USNO receiver power cycled
0043452000/08/08Jim Ray (USNO 202 USNO down 05 August
0043352000/07/31Jim Ray (USNO 202 USNO Ultra-rapid clock predictions
0043202000/07/24Jim Ray (USNO 202 USNO down on 22 July
0043032000/07/18Jim Ray (USNO 202 USNO job openings
0042802000/06/29Jim Ray (USNO 202 USNO firmware update
0040352000/01/03Jim Ray (USNO 202 yet another USNO data gap
0040211999/12/27Jim another USNO data gap
0040101999/12/21Jim recent USNO data events
0039711999/11/29Jim USNO receiver change
0039681999/11/26Jim USNO data gap for doy 328-330
0039621999/11/22Jim USNO receiver events
0039551999/11/16Jim USNO data gap for doy 319-320
0039171999/10/27Jim USNO receiver replacement
0039031999/10/15Jim USNO receiver status
0038981999/10/13Jim USNO receiver change
0037931999/08/16Jim USNO firmware upgrade
0036641999/06/03USNO USNO Analysis Summary posted
0036381999/05/10Bill Bollwerk USNO AMC - AMC2 Receiver Change
0035711999/03/10Bill USNO AMC - AMC2 Receiver Change
0035571999/03/02Jim USNO data collection resumes
0035561999/03/02Jim USNO data outage
0035231999/02/09Jim work near USNO antenna
0034961999/01/15Bill USNO AMC - AMC2 Maintenance
0034421998/11/17Jim delay of USNO data delivery
0034361998/11/12Jim disruption to USNO data today
0034191998/10/21Bill USNO AMC - AMCT Changes
0034131998/10/14Bill USNO AMC - AMCT Changes
0033871998/09/04Jim nearby antennas removed at USNO
0033781998/08/28Jim USNO cable specs -- CORRECTIONS
0033591998/08/12Jim USNO changes completed
0033371998/07/27Jim changes planned at USNO
0033301998/07/22Jim USNO Internet access down 25 July
0032831998/06/03USNO USNO position announcement
0032471998/04/23USNO USNO position announcement
0031291997/12/16Jim new log for USNO
0029911997/06/10Jim USNO meteorological data
0029701997/05/13Dennis USNO Site
0024441995/09/28D. Changes in USNO GPS-only Combination Procedure
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