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The residual plots show the differences between weekly station position estimates (from the weekly IGS combined solutions) and the latest IGS cumulative solution piecewise linear [+post-seismic deformation] model. For more information on the IGS cumulative solution please see:

WHIT Email Advisories
Email Date Sender Subject
0067222019/03/27Bernard, Curtis ( WHIT: Firmware update
0046442013/09/09Donahue, Brian WHIT: back online and missing data recovered
0046302013/08/28Donahue, Brian WHIT: Network Outage
0036802011/09/01Donahue, Brian WHIT: resubmission doy 237-243
0036632011/08/24Donahue, Brian WHIT: Receiver change
0034142011/03/16Huot, Caroline WHIT GNSS data resume
0034072011/03/14Huot, Caroline WHIT data update
0027872010/03/29Donahue, Brian HLFX, SCH2, VALD, WHIT, BAKE resubmitted, DoY 086
0025922009/11/06Huot, Caroline WHIT unavailable
0024412009/07/23Huot, Caroline WHIT antenna skirt removed
0023962009/06/23Huot, Caroline WHIT GPS+GLONASS site
0020292008/10/23Stephen Delahunt WHIT - Meteorological Instrumentation Removed
0019862008/09/30Huot, Caroline WHIT data communication restored
0019512008/09/15Huot, Caroline WHIT currently down
0019402008/09/10Delahunt, Stephen WHIT - Unrecoverable data loss DOY249-253
0019092008/08/27Delahunt, Stephen WHIT - Data Gap - '08Aug25 19:45 thru '08Aug26 13:45
0018532008/07/15Delahunt, Stephen WHIT - Communications Outage
0016902008/03/31Donahue, Brian WHIT - missing data posted doy 079 - 087
0016852008/03/27Delahunt, Stephen WHIT - communications outage
0013142007/06/26Peter Taylor Updated equipment for station WHIT
0058102003/06/12Peter Taylor Updated equipment for station WHIT
0054432002/09/04Stephen Delahunt WHIT - Unavailable Data
0054192002/08/15ACS data WHIT - DATA Advisory 02Aug05-02Aug13 (DOY 217-225)
0051552002/03/14Peter Taylor Updated equipment for station WHIT
0044162000/10/04Stephen Delahunt WHIT - New Responsible Agency/New Site Log
0043002000/07/14gpsop at pgc.nrca WHIT: New Receiver
0042902000/07/07Michael Schmidt WHIT: Data Outage
0041662000/04/11Michael Schmidt Data resubmission for DRAO, DUBO, FLIN, NANO, UCLU, WILL, WHIT, WSLR;
0038021999/08/19Herb Replacement of WHIT Rinex files for Days 227 to 230.
0032511998/04/24Michael WHIT
0032481998/04/23Michael WHIT
0030051997/06/24Michael WHIT back on line
0029991997/06/23Michael WHIT
0027901996/08/26Raj submission of partial WHIT data from doy 193 to 213, excluding doy 194,205 & 214
0027451996/06/27Michael WHIT back online; WHIT / FLIN site forms
0027381996/06/24Michael WHIT
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