Workshop Preview: Clocks and Timing
May 10, 2017

Paris is home to the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM), the intergovernmental organization that calculates the international reference time scale, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), by collecting and comparing data from the world’s most accurate clocks. Since clocks and timing are critical components of space geodesy, a representative from BIPM – currently the Director of the BIPM Time Department, Felicitas Arias – sits on the IGS Governing Board. Dr. Arias has served the IGS community in this role since 2005.

IGS Clock Products and the associated Clock Products Working Group, established in 2003 after considerable joint work between the IGS and BIPM, now form a critical component of IGS Rapid and Final clock combinations.

The upcoming IGS 2017 Workshop in Paris will feature a session devoted to…

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