P01 - Welcome
Opening RemarksC. Elachi
Opening StatementsK. Hodgkins
Opening RemarksM. Othman
P02 - Keynote
Looking Ahead for GPtSB. Parkinson
P03 - ICG Secretariat
Presentation by ICG SecretariatS. Gadimova
P04 - Providers, System and Service updates
GPS AugmentationsL. Eldredge
Global Positioning System DescriptionD. Goldstein
Interference Detection and MitigationJ. Merrill
GLONASS and ProgressS. Revnivykh
U.S. Space-Based PNT PolicyM. Shaw
PNT OverviewM. Shaw
European GNSS Programes Galileo and EGNOSP. Verhoef
P05 - Associate Members and Observers on Matters of Interest to ICG
European Project HARRISONL. Bragagnini
International GNSS Service & ICG - Status UpdateJ. Dow
The Economic Benefits of Precise Positioning in Agriculture, Construction and MiningM. Higgins
International Association of Institute of Navigation - Contribution to International NavigationE. Klaffenbock
COMPASS and Beidou Navigation Satellite System DevelopmentJ. Lu
EUPOS Status and Future PlansG. Rosenthal
Nigerian GNSS ActivitiesJ. Sonny Ugokwe
Country Report on Status of GNSS Infrastructure and ApplicationsM. Subari
Current Status of Quasi-Zenith Satellite System DevelopmentK. Terada
COSPAR and ICGP. Visser
AFREF and TRIGNETR. Wonnacot
P06 - Science and Innovative GNSS Applications
GPS Applications in AviationJ. Burns
Cutting Edge Science ApplicationsS. Lichten
Automobile ServicesT. Nixon
GNSS Meteorology and Satellite Radio OccultationC. Rocken
EarthscopeK. Shedlock
P07 - Industry-focused presentations, ICG3 Meeting Supporters
Triumph ChipJ. Ashjaee
GNSS in the news & ICGG. Gibbons
User-driven Benefits in a World of Multiple GNSSS. Riley
Location AwarenessG. Turetsky
P08 - GNSS Science and Technology Applications
The Integration of Satnav and Satcom Technologies For Environmental Monitoring and Management of EmergenciesR. Cefalo
COMPASS A New Method on Marine Fishery Ship Security and Disaster Relief and RescueG. Hu
Improving GNSS for Future Natural Disaster Reduction - Earthquakes & TsunamisK. Hudnut
COMPASS Application in the Sichuan Earthquake ReliefT. Jing
Space WeatherJ. Makela
IMES, Proposal for New Indoor Positioning SystemD. Manandhar
GNSS Signals use on a Mission to MoonG. Palmerini
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