P01 - Opening Plenary - Neilan
IGS Welcome, Goals, Strategies, Workshop ObjectivesU. Hugentobler
The International GNSS Service (IGS): The Secrets of a Success and the Challenges of the FutureG. Beutler
IGS Classic Products, Status and Towards the FutureJ. Griffiths
IGS Products for GNSS ApplicationsT. Springer
P02 - MGEX Campaign - Weber
GNSS Bias analysis at Shanghai Astronomical ObservatoryJ. Chen
Real-time Stream Conversion to RTCM-3 MSM and RINEX-3 in IGS/MGEX ContextW. Georg
Challenges for Data Centers Supporting the Multi-GNSS ExperimentH. Habrich
MGEX data analysis at CODE - first experiencesL. Prange
The IGS Multi-GNSS-Signals Tracking Campaign MGEX - Planning, Status, PerspectivesR. Weber
P03 - Infrastructure and Real Time - Rizos
caissy The Real-Time Pilot Project and Transitioning to a New IGS Real-Time ServiceM. Caissy
Current State of the IGS NetworkR. Khachikyan
Availability and Completeness of IGS Tracking DataS. Lutz
IGS network challenges: data issues, stations, network, and multi-GNSSI. Romero
Data Flow and Format Issues to Support a Variety of Real-time Services/ApplicationsG. Weber
P04 - IGS and the Geodetic and Wider Community - Hugentobler
What does FIG surveyors expect in collaborative partnership with IGSL. Hothem
The IGS Membership in the International Council of Science’s World Data SystemR. Neilan
The IGS: an IAG service that deliversC. Rizos
The Interactions Between IGS and GGOSM. Rothacher
Multi-GNSS Service Provision: The Role of the International Committee on GNSS and Possible Contributions from the IGSD. Turner
P05 - Multi-GNSS - Dach
Results from IGS Workshop on GNSS BiasesR. Dach
Experience from Multi-GNSS network processingA. Hauschild
IGS/RTCM-SC104 RINEX Working Group ReportN. Romero
The IGS's plan to transition from Rinex 2 to Rinex 3; Timeline, procedure and ToolsI. Romero
Development of a new Combination SoftwareE. Schönemann
WHU's Developments for the GPS Ultra-Rapid Products and the COMPASS Precise ProductsC. Shi
P06 - Modeling Observations and Station Motion - Ray
Mitigation of unmodelled non-tidal atmospheric pressure loading into parameters of a global GNSS solutionR. Dach
Investigation of Non-tectonic Signals at GPS StationsC. Meertens
Analysis effects in IGS station motion time seriesP. Rebischung
Summary of the 2012 Global Geophysical Fluid Center WorkshopT. van Dam
Current Status of Non-Conservative Force Modeling and its Interface to REPRO2M. Ziebart
P07 - Atmospheric Delay Modeling and Applications - Krankowski-Hackman
GNSS Data and the Real-Time International Reference IonosphereD. Bilitza
GPS Meteorology with Single Frequency ReceiversZ. Deng
Global Near-Real Time, Multi-GNSS and Ultra-Fast Troposphere Estimation at Geodetic Observatory PecnyJ. Dousa
Recent Advances in Ionospheric Specific Specifications and New Applications Using GNSS MeasurementsA. Komjathy
Modelling the Neutral Atmosphere Propagation Delay at UNB: Past, Present, and FutureM. Santos
Using of GPS TEC Observations and Radio Occultation Measurements for the Ionosphere’s MonitoringI. Zakharenkova
P08 - Space Vehicle Dynamics and Attitude - Ziebart
GNSS Satellite Attitude Characteristics During Eclipse SeasonF. Dilssner
Rotational Errors in IGS Orbit & ERP ProductsJ. Ray
Clock Modeling and Algorithms for Timescale FormationK. Senior
P09 - Antenna Calibration Modeling and Errors - Schmid
The Geodetic Reference Antenna in Space (GRASP) – A Mission to Enhance the Terrestrial Reference FrameY. Bar-Sever
Three-Method Absolute Antenna Calibration ComparisonA. Bilich
Extension of the GPS satellite antenna patterns to nadir angles beyond 14°R. Dach
Azimuthal Satellite Antenna Phase Center VariationsF. Dilssner
Modelling and Correction of Carrier Phase Multipath EffectsC. Rost
P10 - Geodetic Applications of IGS Products - Blewitt
Strengths and weaknesses of the IGS contribution to the ITRFZ. Altamimi
Low Latency Earthquake Displacement Fields for Tsunami Early Warning and Rapid Response SupportG. Blewitt
UNAVCO's Community Planning for Real-Time GPS in Earthscope's Plate Boundary Observatory Using IGS ProductsC. Meertens
GNSS Analysis for weather applications using IGS productsR. Pacione
The effects of using inconsistent OTL correction models for PPP users with IGS productsT. van Dam
ICG Update - Turner
The European Satellite Navigation Programmes EGNOS and GalileoD. Hayes
Future Plan of Quasi-Zenith Satellite SystemS. Kogure
GLONASS StatusD. Marareskul
Global Positioning System StatusD. O’Dowd
BeiDou: Bring the World and China to Your DoorstepY. Yang
Workgroup A - Kogure
GLONASS characteristics control and validation systemO. Denisenko
Update on International GNSS Service (IGS) Multi-GNSS Activities and PlansU. Hugentobler
The Current Status of Asia Oceania Multi-GNSS Demonstration CampaignS. Kogure
Working Progress of iGMASY. Yang
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