Workshop 2016 Sydney plenary and posters.

LOC Welcome
C. Rizos
UNSW Welcome
S. Foster
IGSCB Welcome
R. Neilan
IAG Welcome
Z. Altamimi
IGS Welcome
G. Johnston
K. Choi
The challenges of a multi-GNSS future for IGS
O. Montenbruck
Multi-GNSS differential code biases (DCBs) estimation within MGEX
N. Wang
Analysis of differential ISBs for new GNSS signals/satellites
D. Odijk
Bias-SINEX Format and Implications for IGS Bias Products
S. Schaer
GNSS GEO Satellites Precise Orbit Determination Based on Carrier Phase and SLR Observation
B. Sun
ESOC’s Multi-GNSS Processing
C. Garcia Serrano
Reprocessing of GFZ Multi-GNSS product GBM (Geodetic Benchmark)
Z. Deng
Thermal Re-Radiation Acceleration in the GNSS Orbit Modelling Based on Galileo Clock Parameters
D. Svehla
BeiDou Orbit Determination Processes and Products at JPL
A. Sibthorpe
A priori solar radiation pressure model for QZSS Michibiki satellite
Q. Zhao
Impact of the SRP model on CODE’s 5-system orbit and clock solution for the IGS MGEX
L. Prange
Extended Filter For Real-time Multi-GNSS Orbit Determination
J. Chen
Short report on recent working activities and discussion
M. Ziebart
Keynote: Precise Positioning for the Mass Market
T. Humphreys
Initial results from combining the IGS repro2 orbits and clocks
J. Griffiths
Error analysis of the IGS repro2 station position time series
P. Rebischung
Aliasing of GPS satellite phase centre model errors in site position time series
S. McClusky
Estimating polar motion and polar motion rates by the IGS Analysis Centers
G. Beutler
WHU’s developments for the GNSS ultra-rapid products and the MGEX precise products
M. Li
M. Presenters
IGS real time service status, future tasks and limitations
A. Rulke
Real-time challenges of an Australian Positioning Infrastructure
S. Melachroinos
EUREF Regional Broadcasters Redundancy and Monitoring Concepts
W. Sohne
Multi-GNSS real-time precise point positioning: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo
X. Li
Enhanced PPP Messages with Locally Generated Ionospheric Corrections
S. Choy
Implementation of a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Augmentation to Tsunami Early Warning Systems
J. LaBrecque
Keynote: GNSS Radio Occultation Science and Applications
J. Weiss
Real-time Demonstration and Benchmark campaigns for developing advanced tropospheric products
J. Dousa
Refined and site-augmented tropospheric delay models for GNSS applications.
D. Landskron
Optimization of tropospheric delay estimation parameters by comparison of GPS-based precipitable water vapor estimates with microwave radiometer measurements
C. Selle
Cooperative GNSS TEC and GIRO NmF2/hmF2 Monitoring for Rapid Real-time Insight in Global Ionospheric Weather
I. Galkin
Diagnosing the Impact of GLONASS Observables on Receiver Bias Estimates
A. Komjathy
Comparing performances of seven different global VTEC ionospheric models in the IGS context
M. Hernandez-Pajares
The Geodetic Cloud Computing Service: a new paradigm in GNSS analysis
H. Boomkamp
Dependency of Geodynamic Parameters on the GNSS Constellation
S. Scaramuzza
Correlation of the stochastic proprieties of cGNSS time series with the local environment
R. Fernandes
The problem of defining the origin of global geodetic reference frames
K. Lambeck
M. Seitz
Z. Altamimi
Keynote: Sea-level change: A scientific and social challenge for the 21st century
J. Church
Estimation of satellite antenna phase center offsets for Galileo.
P. Steigenberger
Satellite antenna phase center offsets and the terrestrial scale in a combined processing of LEO and ground-based GPS observations
M. Rothacher
Evaluating the pre-flight GPS Block IIR/IIR-M antenna phase pattern measurements.
F. Dilssner
Maximizing interoperability and discoverability of geodetic products and services.
N. Brown
Collaborative development of a standards-based XML system for IGS site log metadata management and dissemination.
F. Boler
IGS Rinex 3 transition.
I. Romero
Performance analysis of GNSS-derived VTEC ingestion into IRI2012
H. Lyu
GNSS H2O: Expanding Reflection Research to the Global GNSS Network For Measuring the Water Cycle
S. Owen
Ongoing deformation of Antarctica following recent Great Earthquakes
M. King
Refining satellite era estimates of global mean sea level rise
C. Watson
Aircraft kinematic positioning
T. Herring
Precise Time and Frequency Transfer Based on BDS GEO Satellites
X. Yang
Modelling and monitoring the variation of covariance matrices of undifferenced triple-frequency Beidou measurements
Y. Feng
The stability analysis of GNSS satellite DCB
S. Song
Pseudorange Modeling for Accurate Clock Solutions
Y. Bar-Sever
The IGS and ICG IGMA trial project
S. Kogure
Workshop 2016 Recommendations
V. Presenters


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Y. Feng
M. Fritsche
J. Geng
D. Svehla
A. Villiger
O. Colombo
D. Kuang
A. Maier
Q. Zhao
J. Dousa
D. Landskron
S. Masoumi
R. Pacione
R. Pacione
Y. Yuan
K. Zhang
Z. Deng
S. Song
R. Dach
D. Murphy
A. Sibois
T. Springer
A. Sušnik
L. Sylvain
F. Blume
C. Bruyninx
E. D’Anastasio
D. Maggert
M. Moore
A. Riddell
I. Romero
S. Schaer
A. Villiger
D. Laurichesse
. Neumaier
R. Ruddick
A. Stürze
G. Tobías González
G. Hu
A. Hunegnaw
J. Dousa
C. Noll
M. Schenewerk
E. Ortiz Geist
S. Dandeniya
R. Gross
M. Hernández-Pajares
M. King
M. Meindl
D. Pacome
F. Perosanz
W. Zhou
N. Amiri
D. Arnold
M. Hernández-Pajares
E. Orliac

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