Official IGS Products are described in the IGS Products Table. Current products include:

  • Tracking station data, coordinates and velocities
  • GPS satellite ephemerides
  • GLONASS satellite ephemerides
  • Earth rotation parameters
  • GPS satellite and IGS tracking station clock information
  • Zenith tropospheric path delay estimates
  • Global ionospheric maps

Reprocessing Campaigns are periodocially conducted to reanalyze the full history of IGS data using the latest models and methodologies.

The IGS products are available through ftp sites the Central Bureau and the IGS Global Data Centers.

Experimental Products developed by IGS Working Groups are prepared future introduction within the official project suite through Pilot Projects. Current projects include:

  • Multi-GNSS Pilot Project (MGEX) Coordinated by the Multi-GNSS Working Group, the MGEX has been set-up to track, collate and analyze all available GNSS signals, including signals from the BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS systems, as well as from modernized GPS and GLONASS satellites and any space-based augmentation system (SBAS) of interest.
  • IGS Real-time Service (RTS) Coordinated by the Real-time Working Group, the RTS is a GNSS orbit and clock correction service that enables Precise Point Positioning (PPP) at worldwide scales.

Product Availability

View the latest IGS Final Orbit available for GPS weeks

  • Final, The final combinations are available at 12 days latency.
  • Rapid, The Rapid product is available with approximately 17 hours latency.
  • UltraRapid, The UltraRapid combinations are released four times each day (at 0300, 0900, 1500, and 2100 UT) and contain 48 hours worth of orbits; the first half computed from observations and the second half predicted orbit. The files are named according to the midpoint time in the file: 00, 06, 12, and 18 UT.

More information

Please include the IGS logo and citation in all websites, presentations, publications, or posters that use IGS data, products, or services. IGS is a service of IAG.