RTS User Access

RTS product streams are available through designated product distribution centers around the world. To access RTS, users must accept the terms of service and complete the online subscriber registration. After a brief processing period, users will be contacted with login and further information for connecting to the RTS streams.

RTS Client Applications

RTS is broadcast using the open standard NTRIP protocol, which encodes the satellite orbit and clock correction streams as RTCM State Space Representation (SSR) messages. Users must obtain an NTRIP client application to access RTS. As this is a relatively new standard, it is currently supported by a limited number of client applications, for example:

  • BKG NTRIP Client (BNC) Open Source program. This is a client software allowing Precise Point Positioning (PPP) in real-time wherever mobile communication means are available.
  • Real-time Kinematic Library (RTKLIB) Open Source tool set, which has a similar functionality embedded in its RTKNAVI program.

After downloading and installing the client application, users may configure access to the RTS Products.

Information for GNSS Equipment Manufacturers

NTRIP-based streaming of GNSS correction data enables world-wide, highly accurate Precise Point Positioning (PPP) following the State Space Representation (SSR) approach wherever mobile communication is available. As NTRIP is an RTCM standard, no licensing is involved regarding stream transport or stream format, allowing GNSS equipment manufacturers to freely integrate this functionality into their products. To encourage this, IGS will consider on a case basis providing generic company accounts for the RTS broadcasters that allow direct access to the RTS correction streams without specific user registration. Once GNSS equipment manufactures incorporate this functionality into their receiver firmware, RTS will be directly accessed through receivers having a built-in PPP capability. Interested manufacturers are requested to contact [cb at igs.org] for further information.

Register for User Access for individual caster streams:

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