Workshop 2017

GNSS Augmentation to Tsunami Early Warning Systems

July 4, 2017 • 771 Views

Workshop 2017 - Jörn Lauterjung - The Geodetic Community has developed a significant body of work demonstrating the importance of GNSS for the early warning of earthquakes and tsunamis in the near field case while also providing for the tracking of propagating tsunamis across the ocean basins. GNSS augmentation to existing tsunami warning systems is advocated by the IUGG, the IOC and the IGS because of this recognized capability to save lives during an impending disaster. The GGOS has issued a call for participation in the initiative for GNSS Augmentation for Tsunami Early Warning (GATEW) that is currently supported by 17 organizations from 11 nations. This presentation will review the history and current developments in the application of GNSS to earthquake and tsunami early warning and tracking.

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