Workshop 2017

Revisiting the origin of GLONASS inter-frequency phase biases and its implication to IGS Bias-SINEX products

July 5, 2017 • 757 Views

Workshop 2017 - Jianghui Geng - GLONASS ambiguity resolution asks for correction of differential code-phase biases (DCPBs). However, efficient strategies for the DCPB estimation across a large network of stations are still under investigation within IGS, such as whether one DCPB per receiver type (rather than individual stations) suffices, and what accuracy we are able to and ought to achieve for DCPB products. We processed 212 days of data from 200 stations in Europe, and propose a new strategy to estimate DCPBs efficiently, and suggest that (1) DCPBs of sub-ns accuracy can be achieved over a large network by efficiently resolving ionosphere-free ambiguities; (2) DCPBs should be estimated and applied on account of their station and observable specific properties, especially for ambiguities of short wavelengths.

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