Workshop 2017

New GNSS Bias Products from CODE

July 5, 2017 • 945 Views

Workshop 2017 - Stefan Schaer - In May 2016, the analysis software and the IGS processing procedures were updated and completely redesigned at CODE in terms of treatment and estimation of GNSS code biases (from a severely limited “relative” to a generalized “pseudo-absolute,” or “observable-specific” bias parameter treatment). Since then, new GNSS bias products are generated in the operational analysis lines at CODE. Internally, the new bias results are available in normal-equation (NEQ) form, thus allowing combination at NEQ level of ionosphere- and clock-related bias information as well as combination in the time domain. Our bias results are provided in the new Bias-SINEX Format Version 1.00. However, they are still made available in old bias and DCB data format, respectively. ...

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