Workshop 2017

Dual-layer tropospheric correction model optimally exploiting GNSS and NWM data

July 5, 2017 • 681 Views

Workshop 2017 - Jan Dousa - We developed a new concept for tropospheric augmentation correction model combining numerical weather model (NWM) data field and precise ZTDs estimated from permanent GNSS stations in regional network. We present the concept and demonstrate a benefit of the common use of NWM and GNSS data for hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic delay modelling. The concept suggest a dual-layer tropospheric service: a) background layer relaying on NWM-driven augmentation model providing ZTD with accuracy of 10 mm and b) additional layer improving it by a factor of 2. The latter optimally exploits precise GNSS tropospheric estimates, if these are a within the time and place of interest, and  significantly improves spatio-temporal stability of ZHD and ZWD in combined augmentation model.

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