Workshop 2017

Examples of IGS real-time Ionospheric information benefits: Space Weather monitoring, precise farming and RT-GIMs

July 6, 2017 • 717 Views

Workshop 2017 - Manuel Hernandez-Pajares - Three on-going applications of the dual-frequency GNSS measurements available in real-time from hundreds of IGS permanent receivers, in the relevant fields of Space Weather, precise farming and Global Ionospheric Maps in real-time, will be summarized: 1) Real-time detection and estimation of the solar EUV flux rate, during solar flares with SISTED and GSFLAI GNSS index, among maps of ionospheric scintillation proxies (ROTI) and frequent ionospheric waves (MSTID) are also produced (started in MONITOR project). 2) Improvement of precise positioning within networks of sparse permanent GNSS receivers at the South of Europe (Precise Farming in the AUDITOR project). 3) Extension and comparison off the computation of ionospheric models in real-time at continental or global scale

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