Workshop 2017

CODE’s Update of the Clock Products

July 6, 2017 • 629 Views

Workshop 2017 - Arturo Villiger - Currently MGEX is using estimated values, as given by the IGS ANTEX file, for the phase center offsets (PCO) for Galileo satellites. Additionally, due to the lack of group calibrated antenna patterns for Galileo, the L1 and L2 GPS patterns are used for the Galileo E1 and E5 signals. In 2016 the antenna PCOs and phase center variations (PCV) for the Galileo IOV satellites have been disclosed. Within the EUREF network, individual chamber calibrated receiver antennas are available including not only GPS, but also Galileo E1 and E5 patterns. We will analyze the impact of the disclosed PCOs and PCVs for the IOVs on the station coordinates analyzing the inter-system translation biases based on PPP. The same studies will also be made for GPS Block II-R satellites for which the official pattern...

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