Workshop 2017

Review of the IGS Contribution to the ITRF

July 7, 2017 • 733 Views

Workshop 2017 - Zuheir Altamimi - While it is fundamental to the ITRF that all four space geodesy techniques contribute to its construction and definition, together with local ties at co-location sites, GNSS/GPS, through the IGS contribution, is critical in many respects. We review the role of the IGS contribution to the ITRF via the following main aspects based on ITRF2014 results: (1) the overall inter-technique connections that are critical for reinforcing the ITRF frame defining parameters (origin, scale and orientation), (2) the determination of Post-Seismic Deformation models, (3) of the ITRF2014 Plate Motion Model, (4) of Polar Motion, and (5) the dissemination and densification of the ITRF through the usage of the IGS products.

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