Workshop 2017

Reconciling GRACE derived loading deformation with GNSS station position time series

July 7, 2017 • 747 Views

Workshop 2017 - Kristel Chanard - Variations in continental water, atmospheric pressure, and oceanic loading deform the Earth at a range of spatial and temporal scales. This deformation is observed in GNSS position time series. While various models predict well observations on the vertical component, explaining horizontal displacements induced by surface loads remains challenging. We model the elastic deformation induced by surface loading derived from the Gravity and Recovery Climate Experiment (GRACE) for coefficients two and higher. We then estimate the degree-one deformation field from a comparison between our model and IGS-repro2 solutions at a globally distributed network of GNSS sites and show a significant improvement of the misfit between model and data, particularly on the horizontal components.

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