Workshop 2017

Evaluation of the IGS terrestrial frame solutions since the switch to IGS14/igs14.atx

July 7, 2017 • 688 Views

Workshop 2017 - Paul Rebischung - This presentation will first review results from the latest IGS terrestrial frame combinations. A particular focus will be given to the recent switch to the IGS14/igs14.atx framework and its various impacts on the IGS terrestrial frame solutions: * update of the reference frame and impact on the alignment of the IGS products to the ITRF, * update of the ground antenna calibrations and impact on the accuracy and stability of station positions, * update of the satellite phase center offsets and impact on the accuracy and stability of the scale of the IGS solutions. We will then assess the predictive quality of the post-seismic deformation models provided alongside ITRF2014 and IGS14, which were based on data up to February 2015, using the 2.5 years of data available since then.

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