Workshop 2017

Calibration of DCBs in timing GNSS stations

July 8, 2017 • 649 Views

Workshop 2017 - Pascale Defraigne - This paper presents a study of the consistency of the GNSS inter-frequency hardware delays (DCBs) determined by calibration in GNSS stations dedicated to time transfer and belonging to the network of time laboratories used for the realization of the Universal Time Coordinated (UTC). The consistency of DCBs determined by calibration is analyzed using the ionospheric maps of the IGS to determine the receiver P1-P2 and to compare it with the results from calibration. For time laboratories of which the GNSS station is also included in the IGS network, a comparison of the relative DCBs determined by the IGS analysis centers in the ionospheric map computations, and those determined by the time laboratories in calibration exercises is also proposed.

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