Workshop 2017

Multi-GNSS orbit determination using 2-step PPP approach

July 4, 2017 • 648 Views

Workshop 2017 - Inga Selmke - For the Multi-GNSS precise orbit determination within the MGEX Pilot Project Technische Universität München as member of the CODE consortium is using a 2-step PPP (Precise Point Positioning) approach. In the first PPP step GPS-orbits are used to estimate station coordinates, troposphere parameters and receiver clocks. These are fixed for the second PPP step in which then Galileo and QZS orbital elements, satellite clocks and Differential Code Biases are estimated. The poster will present the current status of the orbit determination and prediction (rapid product) with selected results. Also preliminary results for the Beidou satellites and possible improvements in the future will be analyzed, e.g. conclusions made for Galileo processing by analyzing the published Galileo IOV metadata.

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