Workshop 2017

Coastal Hazards - Subsidence Monitoring with GNSS-controlled Tide Gauges in Indonesia

July 6, 2017 • 491 Views

Workshop 2017 - Julia Illigner - Regional and local sea level change impacts coastal nations, deltaic regions, and coastal-oriented industries and rising sea level substantial increases the vulnerability of coastal communities. As part of the BIG’s and GFZ’s hazard monitoring program three GNSS-controlled tide gauge stations are installed and continuously operated in Indonesia (Semarang (2012), Kolinamil (harbor of Jakarta, 2013) and Surabaya (2014)). In ongoing projects the University of Cologne, BIG/Indonesia, ITB/Indonesia and GFZ are studying the coastal sea level hazard by combinig GNSS, tide gauges and altimetry and work towards the understanding of the social science aspects of collective bottom-up adaptation and coping processes of local communities and their risks perceptions

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