Workshop 2017

FY3C onboard GPS/BDS observation quality assessment and precise orbit determination

July 6, 2017 • 544 Views

Workshop 2017 - Wenwen Li - The Chinese meteorological satellite Fengyun-3C (FY3C) launched in 2013, carries a GNOS (GNSS Occultation Sounder) instrument onboard which can record both GPS and BDS carrier-phase and code measurements. This provides opportunity for investigating the onboard BDS observation quality and characteristics, as well as its contribution to FY3C precise orbit determination (POD). One month worthy of the GPS and BDS dual-frequency observations from FY3C in March, 2015 are collected and analyzed. The BDS and GPS data distribution pattern and observation quantity are investigated. Importantly, the onboard BDS code multipath errors are calculated and modeled as 2°×2° grid maps for each constellation type and each frequency, which show similar patterns in high elevations comparing to ground-based BDS

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