Workshop 2017

Determining GNSS Phase Biases by Common Clock Approaches

July 4, 2017 • 642 Views

Workshop 2017 - Tobias Kersten - Processing of undifferenced phase observations like, e.g. in PPP, is highly attractive. The quality of the estimated parameters is optimal as long as all systematic error sources are known and taken into account with their appropriate accuracy. Receiver Phase Biases are one of the most limiting factors for PPP due to the high correlation with the ambiguities. Furthermore, receiver phase biases are complex to model as they depend on the proprietary implementation of the tracking loops of each receiver. This contribution presents an alternative method to estimate carrier phase biases of GPS/GNSS receivers and signals w.r.t. a reference receiver. Receiver phase biases are estimated on a zero baseline with a very stable and precise frequency standard (H-Maser) by using single differences.

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